Different From Others, Brave Girls Actually Want To Open A Business After ‘Queendom 2’ Participants Are Busy Comeback

While The Mnet Participants Were Busy Preparing For Their Future Comeback, Brave Girls Had Different Desires And Made Profitable Strategies.

The last broadcast of the Mnet survival show ” Queendom 2 ” which announced the winner on June 2 has successfully wowed the audience. Based on the broadcast, the contestant who wins this event is determined after adding Preliminary points for the previous 3 rounds (40,000) and Final points (60,000).

It was revealed that WJSN ( Cosmic Girls ) was declared the winner. In addition to announcing the winners of the show, the girl group contestants also performed their own unreleased songs through the “Live Comeback Stage” round. The 6 contestants showed off performances with their signature colors such as Hyorin with the song “Waka Boom”, Kep1er with “THE GIRLS”, LOONA with “POSE”, VIVIZ released “Red Sun!” and Brave Girls with “Whistle” and WJSN released “AURA”.

After “Queendom 2” ended, the contestants of this survival show gradually announced that they would make a comeback. Like Kep1er and LOONA who are reported to be making a comeback in June. Then, WJSN as well as soloist Hyorin will also make a comeback in July.

While the “Queendom 2” contestants announcing their comeback, the Brave Girls wanted something else. Recently, Brave Girls fans leaked the wish of one of its members , Minyoung , to discuss things other than a future comeback.

As is known, recently Brave Girls received a gift from their fan FEARLESS who sent them a lunch package for the final round of “Queendom 2”. Because of that, Minyoung said seaweed soup is his favorite food. He even ate Yuna ‘s seaweed soup .

“I want to have a seaweed soup business. I will invest. Come do business with me, boss,”
Minyoung wrote when answering questions on the fan app. The seaweed soup business conversation did not stop there, Minyoung again explained his desire to start a business.
“I’m seriously thinking about the seaweed soup business in my car today. I want to be with this person. I want to know the chef’s contact information. Do you want to start a seaweed soup tableware business with me?” invite Minyoung to his fans in terms of business.

Minyoung commented on how seaweed soup was so delicious to him that he even thought of starting his own business. “This is a taste that can’t be tasted as normal. It can’t be tasted like this without you putting love into the food. I know… Thank you very much, chef. It’s even better than Michelin which has 3 stars,” complimented Minyoung.

Meanwhile, instead of making a comeback like other girl groups. It seems that Minyoung wants something else that interests him, namely the restaurant business.

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