CLC Agency Criticized Strongly Announces Disbandment Of Group Very Bad

On May 20, CLC’s Agency Announced That The Group Had Officially Disbanded And Would Be Ceasing Their Activities From June 6. This News Sparked Fans’ Disappointment Because Of The Way Cube Entertainment Made This Statement.

On May 20, Cube Entertainment posted an update on CLC ‘s official Twitter account announcing the group’s disbandment. Not only that, Cube Entertainment also provided a number of statements where the members often upload photos and messages for their fans.

Hello, this is Cube Entertainment. First of all, we would like to say a big thank you to all of you for always loving and supporting CLC for the past seven years. As CLC’s official activities have ended, we would like to inform you that CLC U’s operation CUBE will be discontinued on June 6, 2022,” said Cube Entertainment.

“We plan to allow you to read posts for a period of time so you can cherish the precious memories made with the CLC members,” continued Cube Entertainment.

Following this upload, CLC fans raised their complaints to CUBE Entertainment for not releasing a separate and direct announcement about CLC’s disbandment. Fans also complained about how Cube Entertainment immediately posted a message with the spotlight closing the fan site.

They said the agency had avoided this news for a long time despite the expectations of fans. In addition to not receiving a proper closure, the Cheshires (fandom name) are worried about being left in the dark regarding the members’ futures.

“Cube seems to make the public forget the existence of CLC,” commented the fan. “It’s been 2 months late and we still don’t have any clarity about Seunghee’s activities as I refuse to believe there is any kind of management within the company,” wrote another.

As is known, there are several signs that CLC will be disbanded. Member Elkie has applied for his contract termination five months after the release of their last comeback “HELICOPTER” and revealed that Cube Entertainment told the girls that they will have no more schedules for 2020. That signifies that the disbandment planning is about two years before their contract. scheduled to end.

Elkie also revealed that Cube Entertainment was reportedly taking the group’s chances such as by giving their song “La Vie en Rose” to IZ*ONE . In addition, in the first episode of Mnet ” Girls Planet 999 ” aired in August 2021, Choi Yujin , who was still a participant and has now debuted with Kep1er , revealed that the agency told the group that they would not be supported with further promotions that year. As a result, Choi Yujin continued her activities as a K-Pop idol with Kep1er instead of CLC.

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