CLASS:y Members Drink Body Enhancing Milk Sneered At It Makes The Body Full


CLASS:y Is A Girl Group Whose Members Are Graduates Of The MBC Talent Show ‘My Teenage Girls’. Because They Are Still Young, The Members Don’t Hesitate To Try To Do Their Best For Them.

The appearance of the rookie girl group CLASS:y has attracted the public’s curiosity because the average age of the members is still in their teens and very young. Recently, CLASS:y was a guest on MBC’s broadcast show ” Omniscient Interfering View ” which aired on May 14.

Yihyun , a former member of the idol group F-ve Dolls and DIA is known as the manager of CLASS:y. At the event, he talked about how his company offered Yihyun as a producer.

“The company suggested that I take the producer position. I did everything I could. I worked passionately hoping that these friends would do well,” Yihyun told the media crew.

During a rehearsal break, one of the members of this rookie group, 14-year-old Park Bo Eun surprised all the cast in the studio when she took out milk powder and drank it. “Many members are still developing. They say drinking powdered milk helps them become taller,” said Won Ji Min.

In fact, CLASS:y’s average age is 16 which makes them one of the youngest idols today. The members reacted enthusiastically to Park Bo Eun and said that she looked really cute when she drank her powdered milk in a bottle.

However, internet users reacted differently to the scene. Netizens in the theqoo online community gave negative responses because her cute attitude was considered too excessive.

“Be normal, please. Adult children won’t do that,” commented netizens. “If you drink powdered milk at that age, you will not grow taller but only gain weight,” wrote another. “Did they make him show this picture?” another comment.

“What kind of concept is this? He might be hated,” wrote another. “What’s wrong with them?” another said. “I think this picture is a bit weird,” explained another.

Meanwhile, CLASS:y is a rookie group consisting of 7 members selected from MBC’s girl group audition program ” My Teenage Girl “. They made their official debut with the title song “SHUT DOWN” on May 5.


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