CL Shares Embarrassing Incident At Taeyang’s Marriage, Pinch This Famous Artist Due To Drunk


CL Recently Revealed How She First Became Acquainted With Comedian Jo Se Ho Which Stemmed From An Embarrassing Incident At BIGBANG’s Taeyang’s Wedding.

2NE1 ‘s CL revealed the embarrassing thing she did at BIG BANG ‘s Taeyang ‘s wedding when appearing on the latest episode of ” You Quiz on the Block ” on May 25, 2022.

In the preview for the episode, CL revealed how she first became acquainted with comedian Jo Se Ho . The former YG Entertainment artist started by making a confession first.

“I will not talk about this because it is very embarrassing, but I want to apologize,” said CL.

CL then stated that she was not in the best condition when she attended her fellow agency colleague’s wedding. The “Lifted” singer also admitted that she was nervous because she had to sing.

“On that day I was wearing a black suit and green fur coat. Entering the church, I tripped over a feather and fell. It all silenced me, and I couldn’t concentrate on the wedding,” he said.

The owner of the name Lee Chaerin continued, “Towards me singing, everyone asked if I was okay and why I was wearing a fur jacket.”

Out of nervousness, CL confessed to having drunk two glasses of champagne, and when she saw Jo Se Ho, she couldn’t contain her excitement.

“I was so nervous that I drank two glasses of champagne on an empty stomach. When Dara unnie ( Sandara Park ) went to greet Jo Se Ho because she knew him, I was drunk, and as soon as I saw her, I pinched her cheek. I was already too tall, ” he added.

CL later apologized to the comedian and stated that she was too embarrassed to see it. Jo Se Ho then stated that the incident also surprised G-Dragon .

“The funny thing is, seeing this, GD asked if we knew each other. But when I told him, we just met GD screaming, ‘CL, what are you doing?'” said Jo Se Ho.

CL also remembers this, saying that she will soon be dragged away from the scene so as not to be more embarrassed.


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