Chinese V Fan Club Prepares TV Advertisement On Mnet For The Idol Ahead Of Comeback On ‘M Countdown’


China Baidu V Bar, V’s Largest Fan Club In China, Has Posted The First ‘TV Trigger Ad’ For K-Pop Idols And Will Be Broadcast On All Mnet Programs.

Fans seem to know how to make V proud and feel flattered by what they do. The owner of the real name Kim Taehyung will have the first special corporate-level advertisement on Mnet for K-pop idols because of the hard work of his loyal fans.

V, received a company-level support project for BTS’s upcoming 9th anniversary from his amazing fans. China Baidu V Bar, V’s largest fan club in China, has posted the first “TV trigger ad” for K-pop idols and will be broadcast on all Mnet programs.

This advertising is mainly used for the promotion of companies and dramas, is an advertising method that creates the effect of publicity and participation in events by showing triggers to various target audiences while they are watching TV. It is a two-way interactive advertisement that became famous in the smart TV era, replacing the traditional one-way TV advertisement.

The V commercial will run for two weeks, from June 10 to June 24. The commercial will be broadcast from 7:00 to 1:00 KST on all programs on Mnet, Korea’s largest music channel. The total number of exposures exceeds 10 million. According to China Baidu V Bar, when a V pop-up ad appears, clicking the red button on the remote control will display a QR code and a banner ad linked to the Melon V page.

Meanwhile, BTS’ comeback stage on Mnet “M Countdown” on June 16 has been confirmed, and it will be an effective publicity advertisement to promote BTS and V’s comeback to a wider audience. Meanwhile China Baidu V Bar also recently demonstrated its economic strength by buying the most “Proof” albums. After recording 71,724 albums on pre-order, they purchased a total of 160,913 albums upon release. China Baidu V Bar earned a reputation as the strongest fandom and financial powerhouse in K-pop after they ranked first among all fundraising projects for K-pop idol birthdays in 2021.


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