Chinese TV Shows Allegedly Plagiarized BIGBANG’s Taeyang Scene In ‘Still Life’ MV Even Becomes A Debate

A Chinese Reality Show Was Criticized For Using A Stage Design Similar To The Set Of BIGBANG’s MV ‘Still Life’ In Taeyang’s Scene. However, The Accusations Seem To Have Sparked Debate.

Recently, there was an issue of plagiarism of the famous Chinese reality show entitled ” Trump Card ” or ” Ace vs. Ace ” against the BIG BANG MV “Still Life”. In particular, Taeyang ‘s scene is alleged to have been imitated by the TV show.

Episode 12 of “Trump Card” featured a lavishly designed stage. On the stage, there is a large ship with blooming yellow flowers filling the top of the deck which looks identical to Taeyang’s scene in the MV “Still Life”.

Meanwhile in the MV “Still Life”, BIGBANG is sitting on the ship’s deck filled with blooming yellow flowers. What distinguishes the design is the state of the screen that opens in “Trump Card” and rolls in the MV. In addition, at the event the atmosphere was made dark like at night.

But apparently this accusation of plagiarism caused a debate among netizens. If some fans think that the ship scene with yellow flowers in “Trump Card” imitates BIGBANG’s MV, there are others who think that it is common.

Some comments even questioned the opposite by suspecting the BIGBANG MV production team had adapted Chinese culture. Ships with flowers themselves have a history of more than 300 years in China.

“It made me immediately think of ‘Still Life’,” commented a netizen. “Ships full of blooming flowers are nothing new,” said another netizen.

“China shows a lot of plagiarism, but this isn’t it,” said one netizen. “The flower ship is originally from China,” continued another netizen. “I’m a BIGBANG fan but I don’t think this is plagiarism,” added another.

Meanwhile, BIGBANG has made a comeback with the release of “Still Life” on April 5, 2022. The song is the first time since they launched “Flower Road” four years ago.

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