Chenle’s Portrait Of NCT Dream Hunting For ‘Mie Ijo’ At A Jakarta Supermarket It’s Like Editing


Chenle Looked Enthusiastic When He Found Lemonilo Instant Noodles At The Supermarket. The Handsome Idol Squatted Because The Instant Noodles Were On The Bottom Shelf.

The NCT Dream members seem to be enjoying their time in Jakarta, Indonesia. Chenle even had time to hunt for locally produced instant noodles, which hired them as brand ambassadors in supermarkets.

As previously announced, NCT Dream is ready to enliven the Allo Bank Festival 2022 event on May 20. The five members have been in Jakarta since May 19.

Arriving in Jakarta, the NCT Dream members carried out various activities, ranging from greeting fans through live Instagram broadcasts, to shopping at the supermarket.

Through an upload on Twitter, Chenle looked enthusiastic when he found Lemonilo instant noodles at the supermarket. The handsome idol squatted because the instant noodles were on the bottom shelf.

“Hi Lemonilo,” Chenle wrote, proving that he is a good brand ambassador. In the photo, the idol looks casual wearing a blue t-shirt and a black baseball cap.

However, many fans were surprised to see Chenle’s portrait at the supermarket and at the same time wondered why they could freely go to public places without being overrun by fans. Some say the portrait looks like an edit because they didn’t expect it.

” Are they out here, is it safe? Are you afraid there will be fans or something like that when they make a fuss, ” commented the fan. ” It’s really relaxing, if you go like this, there must be a lot of bodyguards, ” said another fan.

” Oh my God.. this photo looks like it’s edited, it feels like a catfish dream of buying lemonilo at the Indo mini market!! ” wrote a fan. ” Le, those with more rendang taste can get your face, Le, ” concluded another.

Meanwhile, NCT Dream will fill the first day of the Allo Bank Festival 2022 which will be held on May 20. Red Velvet was also invited as a performer, but for the second day. A number of top musicians in the country also enliven this festival.

In related news, NCT Dream has just performed at the concert titled “KPOP FLEX” in Frankfurt, Germany on May 14-15, 2022. They are also busy with preparations for their second repackage album “Beatbox” which will be released on May 30.


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