Chenle Discusses NCT DREAM Members Who Are Suitable And Not Suitable As Boyfriends, The Reason Is Funny


A Fan Asked If Mark And Jeno Had A Fight Whether He Would Ask Them To Stop Or Just Watch The Fight And Chenle Said He Would Definitely Just Watch.

In a recent live broadcast, NCT DREAM ‘s Chenle gave his honest opinion about which members he finds fun being a girlfriend and which ones he doesn’t. There are more than one member chosen by the Chinese member.

Chenle has received praise from fans for always keeping things real . In a recent live broadcast on Weibo, he shared some of those comments and made fans laugh with everything.

A fan asked if Mark Lee and Jeno had a fight whether he would ask them to stop or just watch the fight and Chenle said he would definitely just watch the fight. He also chose his idol, basketball player Stephen Curry over his boss, Lee Soo Man in a “which one do you prefer” game with fans.

Chanle also mentioned that he had seen his edits as a girl, which made him realize that he would be very beautiful if he was a girl. And in fact, Chenle believed that if she was a girl, she would be very popular with the boys.

Later in the live broadcast, a fan asked him which of the members he would personally date if he were a girl. And while some of the answers are not so unexpected, there are definitely some plot twists.

First, Chenle said he would never date Haechan , Mark, and Jisung , but he would date Jaemin , Jeno, or Renjun . “If I were a girl, who would I date? Not Mark…not Haechan…not Jisung… Maybe Jeno, Jaemin and Renjun. I’m close to Mark so no. For Jisung, he always talks about the universe ,” he said.

Some fans are surprised by his new opinion on dating Mark, considering he’s said the opposite in the past. But according to Chenle, he actually prefers not to date his best friend.

As for Haechan, there was no particular reason he wouldn’t date her, but the reason he didn’t want to date Jisung was unexpectedly funny. His attitude towards Jaemin, Jeno, and Renjun, on the other hand, probably won’t surprise many. Moreover, Jaemin has proven that he is a hundred percent ideal boyfriend.

However, the questions don’t end there. When asked if Jeno and Haechan wanted to kiss more, Chenle gave the most honest answer. “I prefer them kissing each other. If they want to kiss, they can kiss each other…don’t bring me along,” he said.


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