Chaeryeong ITZY Experiences ‘Embarrassing Moment’ When Her Phone’s Lockscreen Is Exposed


When Chaeryeong Showed The Time To The Camera, She Didn’t Notice That She Also Revealed Her Phone’s Lockscreen. Who Would Have Thought, The Idol Did Not Post A Selfie But This Photo.

ITZY’s Chaeryeong is charming in every way — especially during her cute moments that show off her unique personality. Once, during a live broadcast, a fan asked him what time it was. He looked down at his phone to check.

However, when Chaeryeong showed the time to the camera, she didn’t notice that she had also revealed her phone’s lockscreen . Who would have thought, the singer of “Mafia in the Morning” did not put his selfie as a lockscreen, but a photo of his own stomach!

When Chaeryeong realized what had happened, her expression made fans burst out laughing. The idol looked silent as if regretting what he had done and looked a little awkward.

However, Chaeryeong quickly changed the subject and acted like nothing happened. Funnily enough, on another occasion, he showed me his phone’s lockscreen again — without even realizing it.

But who can blame Chaeryeong for putting a photo of herself as a lock screen when her belly looks that good? The 2001-born singer does have a perfect body shape with a flat stomach without fat.

In other news, Chaeryeong wears sunglasses during broadcasts and communicates with fans. The “LOCO” singer said, “I had LASIK surgery. When I went to the company (JYP) wearing sunglasses, I saw something. There were many employees at the company that day.”

Chaeryeong then explained how she felt at the time, and candidly confessed that she was afraid that other people would misunderstand. “I’m worried (internal employees) might think I have celebrity disease.”


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