‘Cessation of activity’ Ahn Young-mi, eventually legal response to speculation of expedition birth “NO” [Oh!Ssen Comprehensive]

[Photo] OSEN DB.

[Photo] OSEN DB.

[OSEN=Reporter Kim Soo-hyung] Comedian Young-mi Ahn warns of legal action against speculation ahead of childbirth, and the sudden controversy at a time when happiness alone is not enough brings regret. 

Ahn Young-mi announced her pregnancy last January after three years of marriage. Three years after her marriage in 2020, she expressed affection for her husband, who works in New York, USA, and will hold her baby in her arms in July. She was accordingly forced to leave all programs. However, recently, controversy over her birth expedition and military service benefits suddenly arose. Ahn Young-mi announced through her YouTube that her husband in the United States would be by her side to prepare for her childbirth and her childcare, and this same controversy was raised. Some argued that the reason Ahn Young-mi gave birth in the United States was to give her military service benefits by making her child a dual citizen. 

In the end, Ahn Young-mi herself revealed her feelings, saying, “It seems that it is too far for you to think about the military issue already. Rather than speculating about an unknown future, how about blessing the child who is wriggling in the belly right now?” “How can you do the precious pregnancy, childbirth, and childcare alone, which may only happen once in a lifetime? I will be with my husband,” he said. 

Nevertheless, as speculation continued about him, he eventually revealed his position that he would take legal action against the malicious comments. On the 12th, Ahn Young-mi’s agency Media Lab Seeso said, “The agency has refrained from responding as much as possible for fear that the controversy will grow, which is different from the nature. False facts are also being circulated through social media and social media.” “The agency decided that it could no longer be left unattended or overlooked, so we are reviewing strong legal responses without leniency towards them. We earnestly ask that you refrain from excessive speculation or slander against the artist.” 

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