Casually Post Photos, Caption Kim Garam LE SSERAFIM Amid Bully Rumors Criticized

Kim Garam LE SSERAFIM Had Uploaded A New Selfie In The Midst Of The Rumors Of Being A Bully In Middle School, Immediately Getting The Spotlight And Reaping Slanted Comments.

Rumors of Kim Garam LE SSERAFIM being bullied during high school days were in the spotlight. This issue is known to have arisen since Kim Garam was only introduced as the second member of LE SSERAFIM before his debut, but HYBE vehemently denied the accusation and took legal action.

The allegation of Kim Garam being the perpetrator of bullying became more and more intense after the alleged victim (A) also asked for help from a lawyer to get justice. A through his attorney explained in detail how he became a victim of bullying and is still traumatized to this day and even nearly committed suicide.

Kim Garam’s own agency has provided a detailed explanation regarding the dispute with A. However, HYBE categorically denied that Kim Garam had abused A as claimed.

Kim Garam himself was apparently relaxed about sharing his new portrait via the group’s official Twitter amidst the many accusations of being the perpetrator of bullying. Kim Garam shared a mirror selfie while wearing a cute chicken headband.

The idol then expressed his gratitude to the fans who have faithfully provided support. ” Thanks for the first place Thank you for always supporting me (2 yellow heart emoji). (Isn’t the headband cute? -?) ” wrote Kim Garam recently.

Kim Garam’s upload immediately drew a lot of scathing criticism. Kim Garam’s attitude is considered to actually show his indifference to rumors of perpetrators of bullying. Moreover, Kim Garam also offended those who still support him amid rumors that he is a bully.

Kim Garam is said to be not supposed to upload anything even though the truth of the rumors has yet to be confirmed. Not a few even finally asked him out of LE SSERAFIM. The reason is that celebrities who are caught in bullying cases are known to rarely appear in the media and even upload new portraits until the problem is resolved and proven innocent.

” Whether he is guilty or not of the accusation of bullying. I don’t think this is the right thing to post during the controversy he is going through now. The case of an old idol who has been proven innocent is also being dragged on again :(, ” exclaimed one netizen. ” Better you go hahaha, ” said another. ” Garam please get out of the group so as not to hurt the other members, ” another pleaded.

” Sorry but he’s psycho and the whole group is weird why are they all posting here as if nothing happened. Read the situation! ” said another. ” Please just leave. You are ruining the group’s reputation. Admit what you did, apologize and GO, ” said another. ” Whether he’s on the right side or not, I don’t think it’s appropriate to post like this considering the controversy he has. Hybe makes it worse, ” said another.

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