Can Buy A House, The Price Of V Bags And Suga BTS Departs To The US Makes Speechless

BTS Recently Left For The United States To Meet President Joe Biden At The White House. The Prices Of Some Items Worn By The Members That Make The Pocket Cry.

The price of V and Suga BTS bags ( Bangtan Boys ) has successfully surprised many fans. How not, the price is equivalent to a house or a luxury car.

BTS recently left for the United States to meet President Joe Biden at the White House. Their meeting was to discuss racial discrimination and anti-Asian hate crimes.

As soon as the members got out of the car, ARMYs around the world couldn’t forget their visuals. They also showed a good attitude to the fans and media waiting at Incheon International Airport.

However, there is something else that caught the attention of netizens. That is the price of some of the items that the members wear that makes the pocket cry.

Suga was seen carrying a large tote bag which immediately caught the attention of fans, because it not only looks expensive but also looks beautiful with a small ribbon tied to it.

The Suga tote bag is part of the Hermes collection which is labeled “HAC Birkin 50 Voyager Black Togo leather Palladium Hardware.” The price is ready to make you speechless, which is USD 39 thousand or around IDR 568 million.

Another BTS member who immediately caught the eye for also having a very expensive bag option was V. Like Suga, the idol immediately caught the attention of the press and ARMYs as he walked through Incheon International Airport.

If you think that the Suga bag is enough to spend, the V option is even more expensive. The owner of the name Kim Taehyung wears the iconic Delvaux Brilliant Bag.

The price of a V bag can be equivalent to many luxury cars and even contribute a lot to buying a house. This bag is sold at a price of around USD 50 thousand or equivalent to IDR 705 million.

“That much money can be used to buy a house, eh BTS is just a carry-on,” commented the fan. “I can’t even imagine what it’s like to carry a bag of 700 million,” added another netizen. “Don’t they feel heavy tote around the house?” concluded another.

Meanwhile, BTS will be releasing their new album “Proof” on June 10 with a total of three new songs. The songs in their anthology album will contain BTS’ thoughts on the past, present, and future.

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