BTS’s J-Hope Visual Becomes The Target Of Haters Due To Rumors Of Dating BLACKPINK’s Rose


Back On June 21, 2022, Dating Rumors Between Rose And J-Hope Went Viral On The Internet. This Rumor Resurfaced With J-Hope Getting A Lot Of Hate Comments From Haters.

J-Hope BTS ( Bangtan Boys ) recently became the target of haters regarding his baseless dating rumors with Rose BLACKPINK ( Black Pink ). Rumors have been raised again because of J-Hope’s new photo shoot.

Back on June 21, 2022, dating rumors between Rose and J-Hope went viral on the internet. Rumors started with Nate Pann’s post which said the two idols ate together at a famous French restaurant.

As soon as the rumors surfaced, fans and netizens said that J-Hope and Rose’s dating rumors were just a ridiculous match. But rumors were discussed again because of J-Hope’s latest photo shoot.

In the framework of his solo debut, the BTS member did a solo photoshoot for the cover of W Korea magazine. J-Hope looked amazing with an outfit from Saint Laurent, a fashion house supported by Rose as a brand ambassador.

One netizen wondered if it was Rose who introduced the brand to J-Hope. This logic has led to dating rumors to surface. This time, J-Hope became the target of haters for his visuals.

“As long as Rose doesn’t have a problem with her eyes,” commented the haters. “I feel sorry for Rose,” added another. “Rose can get better. I think he fits Jungkook better ,” said another.

Not a few netizens defended J-Hope on the grounds that the dating rumors were too ridiculous to be used as material to insult the 1994-born idol.

“Even though the rumors are really ridiculous. Please leave them alone,” said netizens. “J-Hope didn’t do anything but he was insulted like this. He was just living his best life,” added another netizen.

“Since the announcement of his solo debut, J-Hope has received a lot of hate and there are many people who are trying hard to bring him down. Haters really work very hard,” concluded another.


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