BTS Was Proposed By The Mayor Of Busan To Perform Duties In Lieu Of Military Service, Instead Reaping Pity Reactions


The Mayor Of Busan Has Submitted A Written Proposal To The South Korean President To Be Substituted For Military Service. When More Details Were Revealed, The Public Reacted Like This.

BTS has been appointed as Busan’s ambassador for the submission of World Expo 2030. Even on August 18, Busan Mayor Park Hyeong Joon submitted a written proposal to the President of South Korea to provide alternative assignments without having to go to the military. Once more details about this discourse were revealed, the public reacted with pity.

Park Hyeong Joon proposed an alternative assignment for BTS similar to the treatment athletes get. Thus, the status of BTS is equivalent to a “national resource”.

If this proposal is approved, then BTS will have to work for 34 months while carrying out duties related to the Busan ambassador for the 2030 World Expo. In an interview, Park Hyeong Joon also revealed how this can be used as a tool to increase national prestige.

With this submission, of course, many people are wondering what BTS’s opinion will be if their military service is replaced with special duties. Surprisingly, Park Hyeong Joon claimed to have not met and talked to BTS directly regarding the alternative task of replacing the military.

“BTS’s position is to recognize the importance of the World Expo and work hard as ambassadors for public relations. Realistically, we don’t meet and talk directly with BTS, but in our opinion, even to hold a concert for World Expo 2030 at the end of this year, some members are already at risk because mandatory military service. If some members or all members have gone to the military, we have to push the event to next year, “said Park Hyeong Joon.

Then the mayor of Busan added that if BTS went to the military then group activities would be almost impossible. According to him, the submission of alternative military duties can help BTS carry out their role as ambassadors better.

In conclusion, giving BTS an alternative assignment to military service is the equivalent of spending 34 months traveling the world promoting the Expo and “serving the country”. Furthermore, the Busan city government did not inquire about BTS’s position and did not know when the members would actually be enlisting in the military. Lastly, Busan sees BTS’s role as hosting the Expo as more important than enlistment.

The submission of a substitute duty for the military for BTS has attracted the attention of Korean netizens on online forums. They regretted the government’s decision not to ask BTS’s opinion in this regard. On the other hand, netizens feel sorry for the fact that instead of the military the tasks given are quite heavy.

“BTS is very sorry,” said one netizen. “Just from those facts, we know they met in secret with their father convincing BTS to participate, meaning they had no intention of asking BTS’s opinion on this from the start. There’s no way HYBE who is so money hungry just held a free concert like this, “said another netizen.

“Are they kidding? They can be in the army for 1 and a half years and come back, instead of being tied to them for 3 years? This is crazy,” commented a netizen. “If I were BTS, I would only be in the army for a year and a half… do you think you guys made BTS successful?” continued another netizen.

“Huh? Now the military only lasts 18 months, why do they have to serve for 24 right?” another netizen said. “But for me, if male idols decide to register secretly by themselves, it will be the best way to increase national prestige,” added another.


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