BTS Discusses Living Together, Jimin Almost Gets Slapped And Suga Has Many ‘Secrets’


People Say, Absence Makes The Heart Closer, So Does Distance. J-Hope Said That The Members Grew Closer After Moving To Separate Residences. V Agrees.

During BTS ‘s annual FESTA dinner ( Bangtan Boys ), the members talked about their successful past, present, and future plans, which involved a temporary hiatus from group activities. Currently, they live in their own luxury apartment, but they still remember their humble beginnings.

Over the years, the BTS members have become more like family than friends. Now that they have officially announced their hiatus from group activities, the members are starting “Chapter 2” of their careers, new beginnings, and they are closer than ever.

During their training period and for most of their career, the seven BTS members lived together. In fact, leader RM ( Rap Monster ) and Suga lived together for almost thirteen years. According to RM, they became roommates in November 2010, three years before BTS’s debut.

Having one roommate can be tough, but living with six other people in a tiny, tiny space? It really is a make-you-or-break-you challenge ! For example, RM’s habit of snoring annoys other members and stresses himself out.

People say, absence makes the heart closer, so does distance. J-Hope said that the members grew closer after moving to separate residences. V agreed, saying, “We are becoming closer now that we live apart.”

Naturally, the members brought up roommate moments that were annoying at the time but funny in retrospect. For the most part, J-Hope and Jimin BTS live peacefully together. “Except for that one moment,” Jimin said.

Apparently after drinking alcoholic beverages in the past, Jimin kept waking J-Hope up. This seems to irritate J-Hope so that in this FESTA dinner video, the owner of Jung Hoseok’s real name admits, “Yes, I almost slapped you at that time.”

BTS has a lot of stories, but some we may never have heard of. According to Suga, Jin gives hints about their roommates’ lives every year, but Jin hasn’t told ARMYs a “secret!”

“I have so many stories about living with Yoongi. I can’t even share them all,” said Jin. The other members wanted to protect Suga by saying, “Let it go. Keep it a secret.”


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