BTS Concert Venue In Busan Criticized Disappointing

Busan Is Currently Considering Bukhang Harbor, The Main Proposed Location For The World Expo 2030 Busan, Or The Busan Asiad Auxiliary Stadium As Venues For BTS’ Concerts.

BTS ( Bangtan Boys ) will hold a concert in Busan, South Korea. However, the venue for the group’s concert fronted by RM ( Rap Monster ) et al was criticized for being disappointing.

Earlier this week, HYBE Labels confirmed that BTS would be holding a global concert in Busan to help South Korea’s efforts to host the next World Expo 2030.

South Korea is one of five countries that have applied to host the next World Expo in 2030, along with Russia, Italy, Saudi Arabia and Ukraine.

BTS was chosen as the official ambassador of the national project World Expo 2030 Busan. The seven-member group will promote the city of Busan with a global concert in October 2022.

According to media reports, the city of Busan is currently considering Bukhang Harbor, the main proposed location for the World Expo 2030 Busan, or the Busan Asiad Auxiliary Stadium as a venue for BTS’s concert.

However, many netizens were disappointed at the fact that BTS’ first Busan concert in three years would take place at a small capacity venue.

It stated that Busan’s largest multi-purpose stadium, Busan Gudeok Stadium, is likely to be booked until the end of October for football matches. So the stadium will not be available to hold concerts.

Some expressed the opinion that Busan may need to consider investing in a large capacity stadium for future major events, given that they are a major regional city.

“If they invite BTS to Busan for such an important project, can’t they give them a proper place to perform?” netizen comments.

“If the world sees BTS performing in a very small space, they will realize that Busan doesn’t have many things, such as a multi-purpose stadium big enough to accommodate BTS,” added another netizen.

“I just hope Busan doesn’t use BTS to their advantage with minimal effort,” said another. “Put back the date a little so that they appear at the Gudeok Stadium after the football season,” concluded another.

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