BLACKPINK’s Jennie Shares Unique Habits Before Sleeping, What?


BLACKPINK’s Jennie Revealed About Her Unique Habit That She Does Before Going To Bed When Doing An Interview With W Korea, What Do You Think?

W Korea recently shared an interview with BLACKPINK ‘s Jennie . He is known to be one of the celebrities who will fill the new edition of W Korea for next July.

Jennie underwent a photo shoot and interview with W Korea magazine to promote Chanel. Jennie looks charming in some of her photoshoot concepts this time.

Jennie then told about simple things that were completely unexpected. Like most people, Jennie is quite fond of watching YouTube and movies.

The 1996-born idol mentioned that he likes watching animal videos lately. Jennie also likes watching documentaries when she has free time.

“Lately, I’m obsessed with animal videos, so I keep watching them before going to bed or when I have free time. I watch documentaries and search for YouTube clips, but seeing the pure appearance of animals makes me feel healed , ” explained Jennie .

Jennie then mentioned that she was always happy with all the compliments given to her. However, the compliment that he had worked hard was his favourite.

“I think compliments of any kind feel nice. However, it makes me feel the most that someone acknowledges and acknowledges my hard work,” said Jennie.

The idol under the auspices of YG Entertainment then said that he trusted himself more than the judgment of others. However, even so still ask for opinions from others before deciding.

“To be honest, I tend to trust my feelings and judgments more. I ask for opinions and receive a lot of advice, but rather than following other people’s opinions, I express my thoughts more,” said Jennie.

Jennie then mentioned wanting to try to undergo photo shoots in various countries. “I want to do photo shoots in various places abroad. Because the atmosphere and impression is different for each country and city, I want to try to do photo shoots with various concepts in different countries,” admitted Jennie.


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