Birthday Spotlight: Happy Moon Ga Young Day


Starting Her Career As A Child Actress, Moon Ga Young Has Now Abandoned Her Childish Image And Has Completely Transformed Into An Adult Actress.

Moon Ga Young will turn 25 on Sunday, July 10, 2022. This beautiful actress is now greeting fans through her drama, ” Link: Eat, Love, Kill .”

Moon Ga Young started her career as a child actress and slowly made her name known through supporting roles in a number of hit dramas. The actress rose to fame after starring in ” Tempted ” in 2018.

Despite starting her career as a child actress, Moon Ga Young has now abandoned her childish image and has completely transformed into an adult actress.

Besides acting skills, Moon Ga Young has impressive visuals and body goals. Immediately, consider his career journey from pre-debut to future projects.

1. Pra Debut

Moon Ga Young was born in Karlsruhe, Germany to South Korean parents. He lived there for 10 years before he moved back to Korea in 2006.

The same year she returned to Korea, Moon Ga Young was scouted by KeyEast and made her debut as a child actress. Her face as a child already looks beautiful and adorable.

2. Debut

Moon Ga Young started her acting career in 2006 as a child actress, appearing in films and television. The first film she starred in was ” To Sir with Love ” as little Eun Young.

One year later, Moon Ga Young starred in her first drama, ” Witch Ma .” He continued to star in projects to make his name more and more known.

In 2014, the moving Moon Ga Young played her first leading role in “ Mimi ,” a four-episode mystery/romance drama that aired on Mnet.

3. Career Peak

Moon Ga Young rose to prominence as a mature actress with her role in the drama ” Tempted ,” based on the 18th-century French novel Les Liaisons hazardeuses.

Moon Ga Young’s performance as the second lead won her the Excellence Award for Best Actress in the Monday-Tuesday Drama award at the 2018 MBC Drama Awards.

But the peak of Moon Ga Young’s career was marked by her role as Yeo Ha Jin in the romantic drama ” Find Me in Your Memory .” The actress is gaining global popularity thanks to her fine acting.

After “Find Me in Your Memory,” Moon Ga Young has continued to land major roles, including in the drama adaptation of the popular webtoon “ True Beauty ,” in which she played Lim Joo Kyung.

4. Romance Life

Moon Ga Young was once involved in dating rumors with Woo Do Hwan . Apart from one agency, they also starred in the drama “Tempted.”

The media reported that Moon Ga Young and Woo Do Hwan were dating around the time of filming the drama. The news outlet claims they got the inside information (staff).

The staff said that Moon Ga Young and Woo Do Hwan fell in love while filming the drama and started dating. But Moon Ga Young’s label at the time, SM C&C, denied these rumors.

“It’s true that the cast of ‘Tempted’ are very close to each other. However, we haven’t heard anything about dating. They are close, but not as a couple,” said the agency.

5. Controversy

Moon Ga Young has been involved in bad acting controversies several times while playing dramas as a teenager. But the controversy began to disappear after he consistently chose suitable roles.

In addition to acting, Moon Ga Young had reaped the spotlight because her body was considered too thin. The actress is feared to be malnourished due to allegations of undergoing an extreme diet.

However, Moon Ga Young’s skinny body proportions seem to have been innate for a long time. Plus, the 1996-born actress likes to exercise, especially Pilates.

6. Future Projects

Moon Ga Young is currently busy starring in the drama ” Link: Eat, Love, Kill ” with Yeo Jin Goo . She plays No Da Hyun, a woman with no luck in her life. She has bad luck especially with boys.

“Link: Eat, Love, Kill” tells of Eun Gye Hoon (Yeo Jin Goo) who lost his twin and is now an adult and works as a chef. One day, he suddenly shares No Da Hyun’s emotions such as joy, sadness, and pain.

After “Link: Eat, Love, Kill,” Moon Ga Young has not announced her new project. But many are already looking forward to his new drama.


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