Become The Most Wanted Figure At The J-Hope Party, Jin Even Becomes The Conversation And Trending


In The End, Jin Himself Uploaded A Photo Of Himself At A Party Held By J-Hope To Celebrate The Release Of ‘Jack In The Box’ After Fans Were Busy Looking For His Figure Which Was Nowhere To Be Found.

Recently J-Hope specially held a special party for celebrities, coinciding with the release of his new album “Jack in The Box”. His fellow members at Bangtan Boys , of course, attended. However, it took fans a while to confirm that Jin was also at the party.

Every member who attended the party, excluding Jin and Suga , took pictures with the other guests. However, fans were more annoyed with Jin not posting anything and not being seen on Instagram Stories than the party. Fans began to overanalyze each clip or photo, trying to find Jin and many people were suspected, but fans had to face disappointment every time because none of them posed with Jin.

Everyone is experiencing collective delusions and seeing Jin’s face where it shouldn’t be where others are mistaken for Jin and keywords like Seokjin and Kim Seokjin then trending all over the world. Everyone was so eager to see Jin there that it made him trend #5 on Twitter trends Worldwide and also trended in many countries, because everyone was talking about someone who didn’t even appear in any content from the party and finally, Jin revealed the truth .

Jin posted two beautiful photos of himself attending a party hosted by J-Hope. Despite the fact that it was very late in South Korea, Jin answered a lot of questions on Weverse, letting fans know the details. Jin clarified that he went there to listen to “Jack in The Box”. Jin also mentioned that he didn’t really know anyone at the party, so he tried not to be noticed.

Fans melted reading Jin’s humble nature. Known as a big homebody and introvert, who doesn’t like such events with lots of strangers, he still goes to parties to support J-Hope personally. Jin isn’t there to socialize, drink and get attention on social media or news covers but to listen to albums. Even in photos uploaded on Instagram. Jin made sure to show the “Jack in The Box” logo type signed the post with “J-Hope” and none of the celebrities got to take pictures with him.


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