Because Of This, Jang Woonyoung’s Change In Attitude On IVE And IZ*ONE Is Worried


Jang Won Young Immediately Made Fans Worry Unbelievably Because Of The Change In His Attitude That Was Seen When He Was At IVE And IZ * ONE After Attending A Baseball Event.

IVE was recently caught attending a baseball game. The six beautiful idols looked stunning in baseball costumes.

IVE gave their special performance to entertain the athletes and the audience. IVE was also seen watching the match until the end.

In the shared IVE video while watching baseball, fans then highlighted the members’ behavior. In the video, you can see IVE talking to each other, taking selfies, greeting fans, and enjoying the snacks provided.

Unfortunately, in the almost 30-minute video, fans claimed they didn’t see Jang Won Young eating. This made the fans finally worried about playing.

Fans then mentioned that Jang Won Young was said to have the most appetite while in IZ * ONE. However, Jang Won Young was seen not eating at the event with the IVE.

Fans also mentioned that Jang Won Young also looks thinner than before. Although many say that Jang Won Young’s body is a dream, her thin body still worries her.

” Wonyoung didn’t even touch his food? Did he eat it all at once? It looks like he’s lost his appetite lately, ” said one fan. ” Wonyoung is a big eater in izone. Wonyoung doesn’t eat even though he has food on the table, ” said another.

” Wonyoung didn’t touch the chicken. I hope he takes care of himself, ” said another. ” Wonyoung doesn’t eat his food, ” explained another.

In the video, Liz also gets the spotlight for not eating . Fans feel sorry because Liz seems reluctant to eat because of the blasphemy she received because of her weight gain.


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