Bare Face Appears, Aespa Members Show 4 Contrasted Airport Fashion Styles


Aespa Showed A Simple But Still Attractive Appearance After Returning To South Korea After Attending The Previous ‘Good Morning America’ Concert.

Every appearance of celebrities at the airport always manages to get the full spotlight of fans. In fact, because it was often highlighted, it finally gave rise to the term ” airport fashion ” and became an icon of its own which was finally followed by fans.

July 10, aespa was highlighted for their performance when they returned to South Korea after attending a concert held by “Good Morning America”. Aespa members look casual with different vibes .

What the AESPA members have in common is that they just casually appear without wearing any make-up . Karina, Winter, Giselle, and Ningning chose not to be confused about wearing makeup considering they spent dozens of hours on the plane.

The leader , Karina appeared in a monochrome style. Karina wore a black long shirt combined with long gray striped pants. The monochrome look is even more perfect with black and white sneakers .

Winter was the only one who appeared in shorts. Winter is wearing an oversized brown plaid hoodie. He wore white sneakers that matched his casual style.

Giselle dared to clash with color by combining a black and gray plaid shirt combined with bright yellow pants. Giselle’s look is getting more swag by wearing a black bucket hat .

The maknae or youngest member, Ningning gives off student-style vibes . Ningning wore an oversized white shirt paired with dark boyfriend jeans . Ningning gave off a mysterious vibe by adding a black baseball cap .

Meanwhile, AESPA has just officially made a comeback with the release of their second mini album, “Girls”. This is aespa’s first comeback this year and managed to break the record for being the first female idol to get 1.6 million album pre-orders in history.


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