Balming Tiger Reveals RM BTS’s Role In The ‘Sexy Nukim’ Collab Is Irreplaceable, How Come?

RM BTS Is Part Of The ‘Sexy Nukim’ Collaboration With The Alternative K-Pop Group Balming Tiger. Reveal The Reason For Inviting RM To Join, They Reveal The Idol’s Contribution.

RM BTS has collaborated with Balming Tiger by releasing “Sexy Nukim” on Thursday (1/9). Anticipated by fans, Balming Tiger revealed RM’s special role in their work.

“Sexy Nukim” itself was performed by Balming Tiger members, namely BJ WNJN , Omega Sapien and Mudd the Student . RM was the first artist outside the group to be invited to collaborate with them. In an interview with local media, Balming Tiger shared his reasons for working with RM.

Accustomed to performing self-composed songs, Balming Tiger came to the decision to appoint RM because there was a part that only he could do. With RM’s reputation and abilities often exposed, they feel they have found the right person.

“There was a part that we thought only RM could do when we were making a group song, and we asked about it through an acquaintance of ours,” said Balming Tiger.

After being given an overview, RM liked the song and agreed to take part. Balming Tiger was really impressed by RM’s hard work and talent. Prior to that, they used the set of lyrics he sent and combined it with RM’s rap style for the verse.

After unifying the shared vision and mission, Balming Tiger described RM as a person who was fun to work with. They also highlight RM’s down-to-earth personality.

“He is a man with a humble and charming personality. We can have fun while working with him,” said Balming Tiger.

The group concluded that they could all be inspired by one another in the creative process, and they knew they had made the right choice by taking RM. “RM’s part in this song can never be replaced by someone else,” they concluded.

Meanwhile, Balming Tiger itself is an alternative K-Pop band that describes themselves as not confined to one genre. So far, the MV “Sexy Nukim” released with RM has been watched 2.2 million times in less than 24 hours.

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