Back To Being A Wife, Han Hyo Joo Looks Elegant Filming A New Drama

Han Hyo Joo Some Time Ago Admitted That She Actually Chose To Star In ‘Moving’ Before Agreeing To Join The Role Of The Barbarian Wife In ‘Happiness’.

Han Hyo Joo is still attached to the image of a barbarian wife in the drama ” Happiness ” which was released in 2021. But now, the beautiful actress has moved on starring in the new Disney+ drama ” Moving “.

On Tuesday (14/6), Han Hyo Joo shared a photo she took from the set of “Moving” on Instagram Story. The 1987-born actress looks elegant with the role of the same wife as “Happiness” in her new drama.

Han Hyo Joo was seen wearing an all-white office suit and pants to high heels of the same color. The actress also wore small white earrings, attracting attention with her graceful look.

Han Hyo Joo also cutely made a heart symbol towards the camera. Another photo shows the actress sitting on a chair against a green screen background, giving off a chic vibe and looking like a powerful CEO.

On the other hand, Han Hyo Joo recently admitted that she actually chose to star in “Moving” before agreeing to join “Happiness”. Because the preparation for “Moving” was extended, he decided to fill it with another drama.

“Actually, (‘Happiness’) was after I decided to do the ‘Moving’ project, which is currently filming. Because the preparation period for ‘Moving’ was extended, there were a few months left for me, so it’s over,'” Han Hyo Joo confided.

“Moving” is a new superhero action story about teenagers with hidden superpowers and their parents who, unbeknownst to the teens, are keeping a painful secret from their past. They end up teaming up to fight against a powerful dark force that threatens generations across different eras.

Han Hyo Joo is lined up to play the character Lee Mi Yeon, a woman who has a son in 3rd grade of high school. “Moving” is prepared to have a total of 20 episodes and is scheduled to air around 2022. Stay tuned for the latest information here.

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