ASTRO Will Concert In Indonesia For The PAN Party Event, Here’s The Reaction Of Local Fans

Recently, It Was Revealed That ASTRO Will Be Participating In The ‘BLIF 2022’ Music Festival Which Will Be Held At Istora Senayan Jakarta On August 26, Which Drew A Surprised Reaction From Local Fans.

Exciting news has come from ASTRO fans , where it was recently reported that this boy group will be attending a concert in Jakarta, Indonesia. This happy news has been shared by one of the ASTRO members namely Sanha , Jinjin and Moonbin who gave the latest upload to fans that they went to Indonesia.

On Thursday (25/8), a tweet from Moonbin and Jinjin made Indonesian fans excited. The reason is, these two idols gave the news that they would fly by plane to Indonesia, more precisely in Jakarta.

“I’m leaving, syuung,” wrote Moonbin who gave an interesting update. Not only that, Jinjin also tweeted with the words, “Come and go Roha~~ Bye haha. Wait for Indonesia!!!” Jinjin wrote later. “Long time no see, Ryan. I’ll go first,” Sanha wrote in his tweet.

Please note that ASTRO attended the concert event titled “Birukan Langit Indonesia Festival” or BLIF 2022 which was held on August 26. This event was organized by KVIBES.ID, which previously successfully held its first festival event FESTIVIBES on July 23, 2022 in collaboration with United Creative and the Indonesian Blue Sky Movement.

However, what is interesting is that ASTRO’s presence in Indonesia will also appear at a party event. Based on information circulating, it was reported that the National Mandate Party (PAN) invited ASTRO to attend the National Working Meeting held on August 26 to 28 which was held at Istora Senayan.

“We will invite the Astro boyband,” said Tutur Sutikno as Chairman of the PAN DPP during the opening of the PAN Lampung Regional Work Meeting II which was delivered on July 30, 2022. Not only that, the PAN Party event will also invite a band from Indonesia, namely Ungu , whose members are Pasha alias Sigit. Purnomo who is also a cadre of this party.

Sutikno also said that if the PAN party invited ASTRO, it was not without reason. Based on his statement, this can attract millennials to not be apathetic in politics. Hearing this, not a few local fans were surprised because ASTRO would fill the event for a party.

“HAHA NEW FATE YOU KNOW, WHAT PARTY EVENT?!” fan comments. “What party, oh my God,” wrote another. “What’s the story about the party event inviting kpop artists?” other comments.

Meanwhile, it was reported that this event was not only attended by ASTRO but local singers such as Tiara Anugrah , Brisia Jodie and many more. This festival concert can be witnessed live at Istora Senayan Jakarta on 26 August.

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