Asked By Fans About Being An Actor, Jungkook BTS: Is There A Director Who Wants To Cast Me


In A Question And Answer Session On His Instagram Account Recently, The Youngest Member Of BTS, Jungkook Openly Offered To Play In A Drama.

Talking about Bangtan Boys , of course, many fans hope that this popular group will not only focus on one field, namely music but also the world of acting. One of the members , V , had previously tried acting in his debut drama “Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth” in late 2016 as Han Sung.

But fans of course want to see other members like the maknae Jungkook , for example, also dive into the world of acting and show off his acting qualities which fans believe will be satisfying. But not only fans hope so because Jungkook seems also interested in acting.

In a question and answer session on his Instagram account recently, Jungkook openly offered to play in a drama. Even though it might just be an answer, not a few fans hope that a production house will glance at him and actually cast him.

It started when fans asked why he wasn’t acting and Jungkook answered, “Do I look like someone who is good at acting?” Other fans then praised his acting and Jungkook responded, “Really? Directors, does anyone want to cast me?”

” Don’t worry, the army deck isn’t ready yet, just sing, don’t play games,” commented the netter. ” Aayoo, be prepared if you are offered caution, refuse HAHAHA. Will my intentions all this time be realized,” said another. ” I like watching dramas, one day I want to be an actor. Yes, later, for example, if there is news of Jungkook playing a drama, we will pretend to be surprised,” concluded another.


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