Artistic Spirit, 7 Stand Out Portraits Of Kino Pentagon Wearing Glasses

Kino Pentagon Succeeded In Surprising The Public Because It Showed Its Artistic Soul. The Reason Is, The Handsome Idol Recreates Paintings From Famous Artists And Gets Praise From Fans.

Kino Pentagon has succeeded in impressing the public with his talent in the arts. The reason is, he has shown off his artistic skills by creating a replica of a painting by renowned artist Pierre-Auguste Renoir entitled “The Swing”.

The painting was uploaded by Kino on May 21 yesterday on his personal Instagram. In addition, Kino also said that he needed to muster up the courage to show his work. He promised to share his paintings that are no less artistic in the future.

Previously, Kino claimed to have re-created his favorite artist’s paintings when he had free time since November 2020. Currently, the 1998-born idol has opened his personal Instagram account in February this year. As a result, fans will see more of his beautiful work on canvas. Artistic in spirit, here are a series of stand-out portraits of Kino wearing glasses. Take a peek below!

  1. Skilled Dancer
    The owner of the birth name Kang Hyung Gu is indeed worthy of being called a reliable dancer. In addition to diligently uploading dance covers on Pentagon and personal social media, Kino apparently participated in ” Street Man Fighter “. He was even seen challenging the famous K-Pop choreographer, Kasper, ahead of the contestants’ first mission in the event’s teaser .
  2. The Figure Of A Hard Worker
    The singer of the song “Daisy” deserves to be called a hard worker. Despite suffering an ankle injury, Kino still attended the fan meeting and promoted with Pentagon in Japan. Cube Entertainment also confirmed that they always pay attention to Kino’s health.
  3. Be Gentle
    This Aquarius celebrity apparently has a soft heart, you know. Kino had cried when he talked about his difficulties with Pentagon when he was a trainee . He revealed that it was difficult to take a shower because of the water capacity in the apartment and they had to take a bath together to save water. Kino’s action was judged by fans because the idol was worried about the future of Pentagon because one of its members left the group.
  4. Multitalented Idols
    Kino is known to hold the position of the main dancer in the group. However, he also has stable vocals and excellent rap skills. Not only that, Kino is also one of the composers at the Pentagon. Even Kino’s name is listed on KOMCA (Korean Music Copyright Association). Kino has also composed a song for ACE entitled “Atlantis” in 2021.
  5. Plenary Handsome
    The “Do or Not” singer managed to make a fuss because he changed his hair to pink color . Kino looks even more handsome by wearing glasses on the top of his head and stylish boyfriend material .
  6. Artis Trilingual
    SEVENTEEN (II) ‘s friend Vernon is apparently fluent in communicating in 3 languages, namely Korean, English, and Japanese. Investigate, Kino has lived in the Philippines for 3 months, so he is fluent in English.
  7. Have A Unique Experience When Buying Flowers
    This handsome idol once shared his unique experience when buying flowers. Kino revealed that he bought a bouquet of flowers as soon as he arrived in Seattle. The flower owner had asked if Kino bought flowers for someone special. Kino also dodged and answered only to himself. However, the florist emphasized that Kino was a special person too. Kino’s story was successful in making fans baper.

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