“Are you two dating?” Shin Ye-eun x Kang Hoon appear…Jeon So-min hopes for ‘Kang Hoon’ (‘Running Man’)


[OSEN=Reporter Kim Soo-hyung] In ‘Running Man’, Kang Hoon and Shin Ye-eun appeared to promote ‘Flower Scholar’s Love Story’, and Jeon So-min showed interest in Kang-hoon and made him laugh. 

SBS entertainment ‘Running Man’, which was broadcast on the 9th, got on the airwaves. 

Actors Shin Ye-eun and Kang Hoon appeared and Haha, who saw the two people he met in ‘Flower Senior Lovers’, wondered, “Are you two dating?” In response, the two responded sensibly, saying, “If you’re curious, it’s 10:00 p.m. on Monday and Tuesday.” When Haha asked Kang Hoon, “Are you sure you’re a child actor?” Kang Hoon said, “It’s not me” and was embarrassed. Haha said, “He’s a handsome guy” and quickly took care of it. Also, at the word thirty-three, Jeon So-min turned bright at his age and showed interest and laughed, saying, “You’re really handsome, you’re a little older.”  

The members referred to the performance of Shin Ye-eun, who was under the ‘entertainment ban’, and called her an entertainment star. In particular, when they showed a similar texture to Jeon So-min, everyone laughed by saying, “It’s a waste to stop entertainment, I can’t stop them.” 

Driven by momentum, Shin Ye-eun even prepared to dance, revealing her dance skills that had been sealed for 4 years.  

On the other hand, SBS entertainment ‘Running Man’ is characterized by numerous stars and members doing missions together, and it is broadcast every Sunday at 6:20 pm


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