Angry Fans! Lisa Is Allegedly Being Treated Unfairly Again In The ‘Pink Venom’ Comeback


Lisa’s Fans Felt So Angry Because YG Entertainment Was Suspected Of Treating The Idol Unfairly Again. They Even Gave This Threat.

Black Pink (BLACKPINK) has finally announced a comeback on August 19, 2022. BLACKPINK immediately returned to the music world after two years with the song “PINK VENOM”.

But in the midst of fans’ happiness in welcoming BLACKPINK’s comeback, YG Entertainment again caused controversy. Not without reason, YG Entertainment is suspected of treating one of the BLACKPINK members unfairly. That member is Lisa .

Lisa’s fans said YG Entertainment made a lot of mistakes when uploading a BLACKPINK concept teaser video recently. While posting on Twitter, the company forgot to attach YouTube and Naver links.

They are also called not hashtagging Lisa’s name. Realizing the mistake, YG Entertainment finally deleted and redo the tweet.

Not only that, on the YouTube channel, YG Entertainment was also unprofessional when posting Lisa’s teaser video. They use the hashtag #BLACPINK, not #BLACKPINK.

YG Entertainment allegedly didn’t even immediately add Lisa’s teaser video to the playlist . This of course affects views and searches of Lisa’s videos on YouTube.

The way YG Entertainment treated Lisa made fans feel angry. Even LISABar, one of BLACKPINK’s maknae’s biggest fanclubs, has announced that they will not be buying the BORN PINK album.

Not without reason, the incident where Lisa was treated badly was not the first time. Previously, fans suspected that the agency deliberately pulled Lisa from individual fashion activities. BVLGARI CEO JC Babin even personally took to Instagram to express his disappointment at not being able to work with Lisa even though she is in France.


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