Amazed, Predictions During Pre-Debut About TXT This Happened In 2022

Before TXT Debuted, The DKDKTV Team Headed To Hongdae To Read The Fortunes Of All Members From A Fortune Teller. He Estimated That The Group Had Great Synergy.

How many people may not believe in fortune tellers, but they sometimes predict events so accurately that they cannot be mere coincidences. This time, the words of a fortune teller about TXT amazed fans with their accuracy.

Before TXT debuted, the DKDKTV team headed to Hongdae to read the fortunes of all members from a fortune teller. He predicts that the group has great synergy and will be very successful because of it, but takes a certain amount of time to develop.

The fortune teller detailed how TXT will use 2019-2021 to improve themselves and find their unique color as a group. Their next words left many fans dumbfounded. “Until 2021, they sow the seeds and cultivate them. Improve their skills and strengthen them,” the fortune teller said.

After solidifying their status as a well-known and well-rounded group, the fortune teller revealed that TXT will reach a new level of success. Fans couldn’t help but notice how precise the prediction was. “And once they hit 2022…that will likely be the year they bloom.”

This year, TXT announced the news of their first world tour “ACT: LOVE SICK”. As their fandom had grown, they sold so many tickets for their US concerts that fans demanded a bigger venue, which resulted in additional concerts. That was not the only major milestone the group reached in 2022.

It was recently announced that TXT will also be performing at one of the biggest music festivals in the US. Joining famous artists such as rapper J. Cole and punk band Green Day , TXT will be performing at the huge Lollapalooza festival for four days. Even though these are just some of their achievements, fans are surprised that the fortune teller is so accurate about how much TXT will grow.

Since TXT has spent years improving themselves and gaining fans, it looks like their hard work will pay off big. Interestingly, the fortune teller knew all along.

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