Almost All Kris Wu’s Social Media Accounts Are Hacked, Hackers Dare To Say This

Almost All Of Kris Wu’s Social Media Accounts Were Hacked By A Mysterious Figure And Reactivated After Dimming During The Investigation, This Is The Upload Shared By The Hacker.

Recently, almost all of Kris Wu’s social media accounts suddenly became active. However, the usernames of these accounts have changed.

Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and Kris Wu’s YouTube channel have been hacked by this person. The figure uses the name Ace Simon on all of Kris Wu’s social media accounts that he has hacked.

Ace Simon also immediately changed the profile photo of Kris Wu’s social media account with an image of a cartoon man. Unmitigated, Ace Simon even immediately uploaded new things on Kris Wu’s social media account.

Ace Simon on Twitter shared a fanart portrait that is known to be TXT’s Yeonjun. Ace Simon openly revealed that Kris Wu’s account had been taken.

The mysterious figure also bluntly said that asking people who objected to his actions took care of themselves. ” The user’s account has been changed. User. Please handle it yourself if you object, ” said Ace Simon.

The figure is seen uploading a video of a luxury car on Kris Wu’s YouTube channel. The video was uploaded on July 29 and looks like it can still be accessed today.

Ace Simon himself closed the comments column on the video. This mysterious figure himself is thought to be Chinese. The reason is, he also uses Chinese in his announcements in addition to English.

Kris Wu’s Instagram account did not appear to have been hacked by Ace Simon. Meanwhile, Kris Wu’s official Weibo account is known to have been deleted by the Chinese government since being detained for cases of sexual harassment to rape of minors which are still ongoing.

Meanwhile, Kris Wu is known to have been arrested for the case that dragged him. Some time ago, it was revealed that Kris Wu had been tried behind closed doors out of respect for the victims.

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