Ahn Bo Hyun Changed Drastically So CEO, Fans Of ‘Yumi’s Cells 2’ Auto Excitement Asks Kim Go Eun To Return


In The Latest Episode Of ‘Yumi’s Cells 2’, The Former Ahn Bo Hyun Appeared With An Appearance That Was 180 Degrees Different From The Previous Season. Kim Go Eun’s Auto Was Pushed Back.

” Yumi’s Cells ” Season 2 has aired episode 10 on Friday (8/7). In addition to showing the love crisis of Kim Yumi ( Kim Go Eun ) and Yoo Bobby ( GOT7’s Jinyoung ), Ahn Bo Hyun ‘s appearance as Goo Woong also stole viewers’ attention.

In the previous season, Goo Woong appeared as the love of Yumi’s life but their relationship had to end. Now that Yumi has gone through a tough time after breaking up with Goo Woong, she is in a relationship with Yoo Bobby which eventually also leads to problems.

In episode 10 of “Yumi’s Cells 2”, Goo Woong reappeared with a completely different look. His figure already looked tidier with his hair cut short and arranged and a suit that made him seem sophisticated. It was also mentioned that Goo Woong is now the CEO of a game company.

The appearance of Goo Woong with his new appearance turned out to be successful in making fans excited. 180 degrees different than before, plus a dashing body posture, viewers, including Indonesian fans, were shaken. Woong, who is still loyal to Yumi, is then pushed to get back, deliberately insinuating Yoo Bobby who turned away.

“It’s the same, Yum, young handsome and rich,” said one fan. “The important point is ‘faithful’, let’s go back,” said the other fans. “It’s better with Woong ah sii… He used to be unstable because his job was not because of girls,” added another.

In addition, Ahn Bo Hyun’s appearance in “Yumi’s Cells 2″ this time made fans remember the handsome and dashing character of Do Bae Man in ” Military Prosecutor Doberman “. There are even fans who call him “Mr. Prosecutor”.

“This is dobeman, not woong,” commented a fan. “Ahn bo hyun, if you’re wearing a suit, it’s auto mleyottt,” continued another fan. “I see a Doberman aura here,” said another.

Meanwhile, “Yumi’s Cells” can be watched every Friday at 16:00 local time. The drama was released in two episodes at once on TVING.


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