Again, ‘Pink Venom’ BLACKPINK Banned KBS


BLACKPINK’s Comeback Song ‘Pink Venom’ Was Revealed To Be Banned Or Banned From Broadcasting Through One Of South Korea’s National Television Stations, KBS For This Reason.

BLACKPINK ‘s comeback song , “Pink Venom” was reportedly banned or banned from broadcasting on one of South Korea’s national television stations, KBS. “Pink Venom” is considered to have violated one of the policies made by KBS.

“Pink Venom” is considered to have violated KBS’s regulations regarding the blatant disclosure of the brand name in the lyrics. The lyrics in question are in the part sung by Jennie and Lisa .

“Pink Venom” was judged by KBS to have violated Article 46 of “Limiting Advertising Effects” under the Korean broadcasting law. The reason is, the new BLACKPINK song mentions certain product brands.

At the beginning of “Pink Venom” which was opened by Jennie, the beautiful idol born in 1996 was known to reveal the lyrics ” Kick in the door, waving the coco “. The word “coco” is a problem because it means the Chanel brand .

In the “Pink Venom” music video, when Jennie sings the lyrics, it also shows one of Chanel’s luxurious collections. Jennie wiggled the little birdcage that was actually a Chanel luxury bag . This further reinforces that “coco” means Chanel.

Lisa’s lyrics in question are when the rap part in “Pink Venom”. Lisa sings the lyrics ” This the life of a vandal, masked up, and I’m still in Celine “. Unlike Jennie, who indirectly revealed luxury brands, Lisa was open about it.

BLACKPINK’s song itself is not the first time it has been banned from being performed on KBS. Previously, the song “Kill This Love” and BLACKPINK’s debut song “Boombayah” were also banned.

The music video for “Kill This Love” is considered to have violated the Traffic Act in the scene featuring Rose driving a car. Rose is known to act high-speed driving without wearing her seat belt. He who also stood in the middle of the yard when the car was driving towards him was also another reason the “Kill This Love” music video was banned from showing.

“Boombayah” was banned from broadcasting on KBS on the grounds that the use of lyrics mentioning brands and inappropriate words. In the lyrics of ” bottle full o’ Henny ” by Jennie, the word “Henny” is in question because it stands for liquor. Furthermore, the lyrics ” Middle finger up, FU pay me ” which is Lisa’s rap is considered inappropriate.


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