Again In The Military, MJ ASTRO Talks About Careers To Convey Thanks To Fans


MJ ASTRO Reminisced About The Beginning Of His Career To His Current Achievements And Success. MJ Also Left A Message For Fans In The Middle Of His Military Service Since May 9, 2022.

South Korean idol MJ ASTRO is known to be in the military. The 28-year-old idol started his national duty a few weeks ago, on May 9, 2022, yesterday.

Interestingly, Singles magazine released an interview with MJ before leaving for the military. In the interview, MJ is grateful for his current career and achievements. He also thanked all those who have supported and helped him reach the peak of popularity as an idol and actor.

“I spend time looking back on how grateful I am about the task that was given to me. There are no words to say about debuting in ASTRO, but I am also grateful for the project group SUPERFIVE as well as my debut as a musical actor and solo artist,” said MJ. . “That’s because I get a lot of opportunities when other people have a hard time even meeting her.”

The challenges and hard work admitted by MJ succeeded in shaping him into a great person. MJ said the support of fans also helped him achieve success.

“The frustrating and burdensome memories of that time are still there of course. However, what is certain is the fact that the challenges I have faced so far have shaped me into who I am today,” said MJ. “They are all precious and precious opportunities.”

MJ’s role as an actor helped him avoid stress and depression. MJ also admitted that it is easier to control emotions wisely.

“I get a different refreshing feeling when I stand on stage as a musical actor,” said MJ. “It felt like all the stress I was building up was being resolved while venting my emotions out of the blue by crying to my heart’s content, screaming and getting angry.”

MJ couldn’t even imagine what it would be like to sing and make a career without the cheers of the audience. Therefore, MJ was very happy when he was able to share some of his personal life and all his plans with fans, including the news about the military.

“To express how happy I was at that time, I want to say that my adrenaline exploded. Because it was about a month before the enlistment, I really wanted to see fans in person more than ever,” concluded MJ. “The most memorable moment was making eye contact with each fan one by one at the fan meeting and telling them about my military service.”


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