Aespa’s Luxurious And Elegant Image Is Called Unmatched By SM Visual Advisor


Joining The Recent Aespa Showcase In Los Angeles, Director Kwon Expressed His Pride In The Colorful And Intense Visuals In The Music Video For ‘Girls.’

aespa has a chic, luxurious and unique vibe. It all has a secret, according to visual advisor Kwon Sun Young of SM Entertainment.

Director Kwon has been aespa visual advisor at SM Entertainment for about two years. He was in charge of all visual-related tasks even before aespa debuted.

Joining the recent aespa showcase in Los Angeles, Director Kwon expressed his pride in the colorful and intense visuals in the music video of aespa’s new song “Girls.”

Director Kwon said, “To shoot the 4-minute music video, aespa and many staff members have struggled for days. I am very proud to see the finished product.”

“Due to the short nature of the content, it is very important to keep the details alive due to the short duration of the video. We try to divide the scene in detail and display various visuals every time,” he explained.

“Girls” is the conclusion to the first season of the SMCU AESPA worldview. Aespa’s charismatic charm when battling “Black Mamba,” which disrupts their connection to their ae avatars, is enough to win the hearts of global fans.

Director Kwon is pursuing a stronger image this time for aespa. Compared to the previous visual concept, she has worked hard to show their various appearances in “Girls.”

Makeup artists also praise aespa for their ability to digest all kinds of makeup concepts. “They’re like white paper. No matter what they wear, they fit perfectly and describe it.”

“Aespa’s luxurious and elegant image is unmatched. There is a unique atmosphere in aespa, which sets them apart from other idols. We will continue to keep this aespa’s unique vibe as it is,” said director Kwon.

He also discussed the dedication and thoroughness of SM founder, Lee Soo Man . “Lee Soo Man takes care of everything related to aespa. He knows exactly what colors and what makeup products to use, which is not common among ordinary men,” he said.

“He’s so thorough that he needs confirmation on every detail about the concept, and will give detailed directions on what we need to improve on, he added. In fact, he’s a bit intimidating.”


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