‘Aespa’ Winter “Aespa worldview video? It’s harder to film than a music video. I went to action school” (‘Vogue’)


[Photo] OSEN DB.

[OSEN=Reporter Choi Ji-yeon] Winter, a member of the group Espa, revealed the behind-the-scenes video of Espa’s world view. 

On the 14th, a video titled ‘The story of Aespa Winter discovering a new MBTI during filming?!ㅣHELLOVOGUE’ was uploaded on Vogue Korea’s official YouTube channel.

Winter in the projection had time to talk with ‘Mr. Vogue’. On this day, Winter said, “The aespa worldview video was more difficult to film than the music video. I went to action school because of that.”

He said, “I learned from the basics. Forward rolling, cat fall, flying on a wire, and I learned these things, but I think I have a bit of a talent. Among the members, I was a little ace, so I was pretty.”


'Vogue Korea' video screen

‘Vogue Korea’ video screen

On the other hand, Winter said, “These days, Espa is having their first concert. After two days of concerts in Seoul, we took a day off.” 

Winter said, “I’m in a state of refreshment because I’ve had a good day off,” and remembered, “I’ve only watched concerts up until this point, but when I actually did it, there were so many things I had to prepare and so many people who helped me. It was really difficult to change clothes quickly behind the scenes.” .

He continued, “I think it was fun to show Mys a new side of myself.” “I played the electric guitar this time. I practiced really hard and practiced action as well as guitar, but I forgot that I was going up on the lift. I went up and turned into ice. I said I was moving, but that was about it,” he said, “I think I need to complete it a little more. I’m still far away.” 


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