Actor Jin Goo Gives Hard Praise And Unveils Song Hye Kyo’s True Traits


Actor Jin Goo Apparently Idolizes The Figure Of Song Hye Kyo. In Fact, Jin Goo Once Wrote A Barrage Of Praise For The Beautiful Actress A Few Years Ago.

The name Jin Goo managed to steal attention after Korean netizens took the initiative to dig up the handsome actor’s social media posts. They managed to find that in 2016 the actor corrected a post aimed at Song Hye Kyo .

In that post, Jin Goo gave a barrage of praise for the beautiful actress. Jin Goo also admitted that he idolized the figure of Song Hye Kyo.

” Honestly, Song Hye Kyo is a star that I admire. I never felt difficult while filming ‘All In’ with her. It was an honor for me to stand in front of the camera with her ,” wrote Jin Goo.

In addition, Jin Goo revealed that his acting skills are smoother and he no longer feels nervous when starring in a drama with Song Hye Kyo. Jin Goo also mentioned Song Hye Kyo is an extraordinary actress in another post.

” Song Hye Kyo is very young, but she is also my senior, and an amazing actress. Being able to work with her is an honor for me ,” said Jin Goo.

Next, Jin Goo revealed Song Hye Kyo’s true nature. Jin Goo called Song Hye Kyo a humble and cheerful artist.

“Frankly, he is an easygoing, humble, kind and cheerful person,” concluded Jin Goo. “We had picnics together and felt extreme happiness thinking about old memories.”

Meanwhile, Jin Goo and Song Hye Kyo were seen starring together in the drama ” Descendants of the Sun “. There, Jin Goo plays a character with Seo Dae Young. Meanwhile, Song Hye Kyo plays a character named Kang Mo Yeon.


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