A Strong Participant Appears In ‘Be Mbitious’, His Transformation When Dancing Becomes Attention


One Of The Participants In The Mnet Dance Program ‘Be Mbitious’ Became The Spotlight Of South Korean Netizens. The Following Is A Snippet Of His Appearance And The Complete Response Of South Korean Netizens.

Mnet will soon broadcast its new dance program entitled ” Be Mbitious “. In this program, the participants fight over the opportunity to form their own dance crew and compete in the ” Street Man Fighter “.

On Wednesday (1/6), a video titled “(Be Mbitious) Bae Seung Yoon I Public Evaluation of Crew Member Selection ‘Mbitious'” was uploaded on the YouTube channel “The Choom”. The video is a public evaluation video for “Be Mbitious” crew selection.

When the public clicks ‘Like’ after watching individual videos of the dancers they support, it will be directly reflected in the score. Crew member evaluations are calculated by the number of likes x 100 and the number of views. After that, the score is calculated differently based on the ranking from the first place.

In the video, Bae Seung Yoon chose “Anymotion”, the commercial song for “Anycall”. She caught the attention of viewers with her intense red hair extensions and all-back hairstyle that she had prepared especially for the stage.

Bae Seung Yoon showed his skill in hip-hop dance by flipping his hair and spreading his legs according to the rhythm. That’s why he finally got a lot of praise from netizens.

“He is very cool,” said a netizen. “Bae Seung Yoon must have passed,” added another netizen. “The concept is very clear,” said another. “He has good star quality and great skills,” concluded other netizens and many more.

Meanwhile, the leader of ” Street Woman Fighter ” will join “Be Mbitious” as a judge. While the MC position will be held by Rain who is also expected to be a mentor for the participants.


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