8 Portraits Of Charming Jin Ho Eun, Kim Young Dae’s Mainstay Manager On ‘Shooting Star’

Jin Ho Eun Recently Had An Interview With His Best Friend, Kim Young Dae. Both Of Them Managed To Steal The Attention Thanks To Acting As Manager-Artists In The Drama ‘Shooting Star’.

Drama ” Shooting Stars ” has aired its last episode on June 11. Even though it has ended, the chemistry between Jin Ho Eun and Kim Young Dae has successfully left a deep impression on the hearts of viewers. As is known, Kim Young Dae plays a superstar named Gong Tae Sung in “Shooting Stars”. He has a mainstay manager named Byun Jung Yeol, played by Jin Ho Eun.

Jin Ho Eun Jin Ho Eun revealed that Kim Young Dae always treated him well on the set of “Shooting Stars”. This of course made Jin Ho Eun grateful to have the opportunity to act with him. On the other hand, the two are best friends in real life and are under the same agency, Outer Korea.

Their friendship was established after Jin Ho Eun and Kim Young Dae became the first two actors to sign a contract with their agency. They even had time to celebrate Kim Young Dae’s birthday very simply . Being highlighted for being Kim Young Dae’s bestie, here are a series of charming portraits of Jin Ho Eun.

  1. Handsome Model

The actor who was born in 2000 apparently has a lot of experience in the modeling world. Jin Ho Eun was even trusted to be the star of an advertisement for the clothing brand Emotion Planet and the Lotte website in 2019. Not only that, he was lined up as a model for NUOL ‘s MV entitled “With me”.

  1. Acting Debut In 2019

Successfully becoming a model, Jin Ho Eun also expanded his career in the acting field. He made his acting debut in the film ” A Resistance ” which was released in 2019. Jin Ho Eun then became active in web dramas. The actor received his first K-Drama job in ” Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life “.

  1. Steal Focus With His Arrows

Jin Ho Eun’s name has soared even more thanks to his role as a team of archers in the Netflix series ” All of Us Are Dead “. He is said to have stolen the viewer’s focus when shooting archery and helped protect his friends from zombie attacks. Ha Seung Ri even praised Jin Ho Eun as a mood maker on set.

  1. Mullet Hair On Point

This 21-year-old celebrity made the public pangling when appearing with mullet hair or long at the back only. Investigate a calibaration, the photo shoot was done by Jin Ho Eun for participating in the Outer Youth Project. It was an Outer Korea project for rookie actors and actresses at his agency.

  1. Love Photography

Judging from his Instagram account, Jin Ho Eun has neat and aesthetic feeds . Apparently, the star of the drama ” Nevertheless ” really likes the world of photography. He likes to photograph many things, including landscapes. So far, Jin Ho Eun has only been seen to have a camera.

  1. Have An Athletic Body

The star of the movie ” Kkangchi 2 ” does have an athletic body because he is 185 cm tall. Jin Ho Eun is reportedly active in basketball since he was young. Naturally, if he has a slender body and muscular arms.

  1. Stand Out With Unsymmetrical Bangs

The Hanlim Arts School alumnus once again surprised the public with his hairstyle. Jin Ho Eun still looks charming and stands out , even though he cuts his bangs asymmetrically. The visuals are still perfect, right?

  1. Excellent Seed In Korean Film World

Jin Ho Eun has actually stolen the hearts of the public thanks to his acting in “A Resistance”. Even though he only played an extra role, he received appreciation from viewers and the director. Therefore, Jin Ho Eun is considered a superior seed and is looking forward to other roles in the Korean film industry.

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