2 Composers Of IU’s Songs Talk About Accusations Of 6 Songs Resulting From Plagiarism

Two Composers Of IU’s Songs, Lee Min Soo And Lee Jong Hoon, Gave Explanations Via Their Respective Instagram Regarding Accusations That Their Work Was The Result Of Plagiarism.

IU was dragged into rumors that 6 of her songs were the result of plagiarism . A filed a report at the Seoul Gangnam Police Station alleging that “The Red Shoes”, “Good Day”, “Bbibbi”, “Pitiful”, “Boo” to “Celebrity” had copied his work from melody, rhythm to code development .

EDAM Entertainment as IU’s agency said it would take firm action through the law regarding this plagiarism accusation.

This afternoon, Thursday (11/5), the 2 composers who created 6 of IU’s songs talked about their positions on their respective Instagram. Composer Lee Min Soo made sure that his 2 works for IU were not taken from other people. He hopes that this issue does not hurt IU and her fans.

Lee Min Soo answers accusations of plagiarism for IU's song

Source: Instagram


” Hello. It’s been a while since I was in the middle of a difficult story, so my heart is heavy. Yesterday afternoon, I read an article that two of IU’s songs, Good Day and Pink Shoes were suspected of plagiarism. In 2013, when it was released, Pink Shoes denied the issue through press releases, and further opinions were meaningless and withheld. However, I am careful to write about the recent criticism of artists that goes beyond amplification and reproduction, ” Composer Min Soo explained on Instagram .

” When I was working on Good Day and Pink Shoes, I didn’t refer to or remember other people’s songs. As the writer of Pink Shoes and Good Day, I hope to leave no scars in the hearts of anyone who loves IU, especially IU,” he concluded .

Lee Jong Hoon talks about accusations of plagiarism for IU's song

Source: Instagram


Composer Lee Jong Hoon was sad that IU had to be dragged into legal trouble. The reason is, the report to the police should have dragged him in considering that he was the one who made the song.


” Hello, this is composer Lee Jong Hoon. I read an article about plagiarism accusations about my song ‘Bbibbi’. First of all, I can’t help but regret that I chose the wrong target for plagiarism accusations. Copyright (intellectual property) is the domain of the creator, not the singer’s domain. Even if I file a complaint or accusation, it is appropriate for me as a composer ,” explained Composer Jong Hoon on Instagram .

” Second, plagiarism is a personal complaint, so complaints or accusations by third parties have no legal consequences. This clearly shows that it is only an intention to damage the artist and not legal consequences ,” he added.

The composer for “Bbibbi” made sure not to plagiarize while working on the song. He said he wanted to explain in detail, but so far EDAM Entertainment has not even received details on the allegations that are currently being investigated.

” Finally, while working on ‘Bbibbi’, I did not plagiarize other works. As a result of listening to ‘a few’ songs that ‘claim’ to feel the similarities in YouTube stitching videos, except for the characteristics of the hip-hop/r&b music genre, more precisely, in many ways, such as chord progressions, song structures, and arrangement of instruments, I can see the difference and individuality ,” explained composer Jong Hoon.

” In order to understand the true situation, we wanted to check the details of the accusations, but we were told that it is difficult to confirm the details of the accusations because EDAM Entertainment has not yet obtained the right to read the accusations ,” said the composer.

Composer Jong Hoon mentioned that he can explain his work in detail if needed. In fact, he is willing to correct misunderstandings without due process.

” In the future, if there are parts that require my explanation, I will explain without hesitation, and I will correct this form of selling and misunderstanding without even going through legal procedures, ” promised Composer Jong Hoon.

” I want to say that this is not only a strong desire to preserve the meaning of my creations, but also to improve the existing creative environment of artists in a slightly more desirable direction. Thank you, ” he concluded .

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