10 Stylish Portraits Of VIVIZ’s Eunha With Crop Tops, Outfits Open-Up Could Make A Shot

Eunha’s Appearance When VIVIZ Appeared On SBS MTV ‘The Show’ On July 12. This Beautiful Idol Wore A Bold Outfit With A Long Straight Hairstyle With Her Back Tied Neatly.

VIVIZ made a stunning appearance on SBS MTV’s ” The Show ” which was held at SBS Prism Tower in Mapo-gu, Seoul on July 12. Eunha ‘s appearance attracted attention because of her open style. The vintage idol was wearing a white halter-neck top but when he flipped it over, his smooth back was exposed.

Eunha’s sexy outfit has become a hot topic for netizens in the online community. Many were surprised by Eunha’s bold outfit choice. Meanwhile, Eunha’s hairstyle is styled with a straight back and tied beautifully.

Apart from this, Eunha’s fashion style often steals attention. This former member of G-Friend often appears in adorable to sexy styles. Especially when it comes to crop tops, Eunha seems to be the “expert”. Judging from the Instagram upload, the “Rough” singer looks stylish with a crop top. Like what? Have a peek!

1. Mix And Match Casual Style

Eunha uploaded a sweet portrait with SinB . The idol who was born on May 30, 1997 looks cute lying on top of his group mates. Eunha wears a casual outfit that combines white underwear, a pink crop top, and jeans. Dressed in casual clothes, Eunha is very charming.

2. Look Sexy

In a contrasting color dress, Eunha looks stunning. She combined a neon green crop top with a leather blazer and a matching mini skirt. Not only leaving the impression of a boyish look , Eunha’s appearance was also praised as sexy by fans.

3. Cool With Monochrome Style

Cool looks are not limited to a certain gender. It is evident from Eunha’s appearance while undergoing a photo shoot with DAZED Korea for the November 2021 edition. She looked cool in a crop top and mini skirt with a unique texture and both black. While the outer singer of “Glass Bead” has a mixture of black and white colors. Eunha carried the monochrome concept in the photo shoot.

4. Dazzle With Retro Suits

Eunha showed off her long legs to fans. He looked charming in a retro-style suit in three colors, namely white, green and black. Eunha’s blonde hair is styled in the 90s style, hair flip, which is back in vogue now. Having long legs, Eunha herself is known to have a height of 163 cm, you know.

5. Sporty Style

Eunha always looks stunning with various styles when wearing a crop top. Like this time, she looks all white in a crop top and training pants. Eunha’s sporty appearance got a lot of praise from fans. She showed off her perfect slim belly.

6. Spread The Charm Of Girl Crush

Eunha displays the girl crush charm as an idol who is good at singing and beautiful. She is beautiful like a living doll in a pink crop top and chess-patterned mini skirt. Having a perfect slim body, he apparently refuses to diet you know. Eunha prefers to appear and be loved by fans as she is.

7. All Pink

After being busy with the Mnet competition event ” Queendom 2 ” and the 2022 BNF Festival concert, VIVIZ finally made a comeback on June 6, 2022. In this mini album photo titled “Summer Vibe”, Eunha also looked stunning in a crop top combined with a red skirt. guava. Investigate, “Summer Vibe” is VIVIZ’s first summer song.

8. Compact With The Group

This time, a group appeared compact wearing cute clothes for VIVIZ’s album, titled “Beam of Prism”. Eunha looks beautiful in a purple crop top combined with a matching soft skirt. While SinB and Umji also wear beautiful with their bright clothes.

9. Super Adorable Style

Eunha looked adorable in a crop top and black mini skirt. He also wears white boots and there are accessories such as bracelets that are sweetly wrapped around his wrists. Eunha then poses with her hands next to her cheeks which adds to the cuteness.

10. Bright Cake Girl

Eunha uploaded a mirror selfie portrait while wearing a bright mix of cake girl-style clothes. In her crop top, blazer and blue mini skirt, the Gemini zodiac idol looks adorable. Meanwhile, to give the impression of contrast, Eunha wore a beret hat with black shoes and socks.

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