10 Portraits Of Fierce Go Yoon Jung, Become A Strong Warrior In ‘Alchemy Of Souls’

Go Yoon Jung Plays Nak Soo, A Strong And Beautiful Warrior. In The Teaser Uploaded By TvN, He Looks So Strong In Control And His Fierce Appearance Steals The Attention Of Viewers.

The Korean drama ” Alchemy of Souls ” will soon be broadcast to entertain viewers at home. In the fantasy genre, this drama tells about the destiny of people who change due to “hwanhonsool” or the dead souls returning to the living. Goo Yoon Jung became one of the actresses lined up as a player.

Go Yoon Jung plays Nak Soo who enters the soul of Mu Deok ( Jung So Min ). Recently tvN showed footage of the beautiful and great Go Yoon Jung scene in the battle in “Alchemy of Souls”. Go Yoon Jung’s sharp appearance has successfully captivated viewers and can’t wait to watch her performance in this historical drama. Hwang Minhyun Lee Jae Wook , to Yoo In Soo also enlivened this drama.

Go Yoon Jung’s appearance as a beautiful warrior drew the attention of viewers. Especially with her fierce appearance and sharp makeup style. Go Yoo Jung himself often displays his other fierce portraits on the Instagram page, let’s take a peek!

  1. Model And Actress
    Go Yoon Jung made her debut in the entertainment world in 2019. She is active as both a model and an actress. Go Yoon Jung first became a model for various commercials such as Nike, Giorgio Armani, Ritz Crackers and several commercials for KT. Her beautiful and talented figure made Go Yoon Jung quickly gain popularity.
  2. Plunge Into Acting
    Go Yoon Jung made her acting debut in 2019 through the drama ” He Is Psychometric ” as Kim So-hyun. In 2020 she made a viral cameo in the Korean Netflix series ” The School Nurse Files “. In the same year, Go Yoon Jung made a spectacular appearance through the hit drama ” Sweet Home ” as Park Yuri. With her role as a tragic girl, Go Yoon Jung is getting more and more popular even getting the Best New Actress expected for 2021 by Industry Professionals.
  3. Ready For Film Debut
    Marking his immense popularity, Go Yoon Jung will also be making his film debut titled ” Hunt “. This film is an action genre which is set in the 1980s. Go Yoon Jung plays Jo Yoo-jeong, a college student who is under the protection and guidance of Park Pyong-ho ( Lee Jung Jae )”.
  4. Anti Off Style
    With his profession as a model, Go Yoon Jung is so good at posing that he never goes out of style. As in the moment above, he looks amazing with his “challenging” pose and fierce face. Go Yoon Jung is currently undergoing a photo shoot with Cosmopolitan Korea magazine.
  5. Perfectly Beautiful
    Go Yoon Jung was born on April 22, 1996, in Seoul, South Korea. She attended Seoul Women’s University to study Contemporary Art. Currently, Go Yoon Jung is 26 years old, where she is absolutely beautiful. Despite the lack of a smile, Go Yoon Jung has always succeeded in overturning the hearts of fans with his gaze.
  6. Show Strength As A Warrior
    Go Yoon Jung made her first appearance in the drama saeguk as Nak Soo. In the teaser uploaded by tvN, Go Yoon Jung looks so strong and uncontrollable. He wore a warrior’s signature hanbok in blue and pink colors and elegantly curled his hair.
  7. Cool Live Photoshoot
    Go Yoon Jung garnered attention with her cool portrait. The actress wore a black t-shirt and posed with her hands in her pockets. Go Yoon Jung looks fierce but cool at the same time. He is currently undergoing a photo shoot with Spell Edit.
  8. Steal Attention At ‘Law School’
    Go Yoon Jung’s role as Jeon Ye Seul in the drama ” Law School ” is also no less popular. He gained recognition for his role as a law student who suffered from violence while dating. In addition, Go Yoon Jung has also appeared in other popular dramas such as ” Rookie Cops ” and ” Moving “.
  9. Standout While Shooting
    Go Yoon Jug is often lined up as a brand ambassador for a well-known brand. In addition, he is also actively undergoing photo shoots as in the moment above. This Taurus zodiac actress promoted Dior very stunningly. Go Yoon Jung wore a monochrome dress with a black Dior bag. Go Yoon Jung has also collaborated with several well-known Korean companies such as skin care brand Yunjac. Standouts !
  10. Good At Taking Photos
    Go Yoon Jung is one of the celebrities who likes to travel and often captures moments. He has a great eye for capturing amazing moments and he often shares his photos on Instagram . His passion for taking pictures also blends well with his love of traveling.

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