Jungle Cruise Time Period: A Look Into The Past

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The History of Jungle Cruise

Jungle Cruise has been a popular ride in Disney parks since it opened in 1955. The ride takes visitors on a boat tour through various jungle scenes, accompanied by witty commentary from the boat’s skipper. The ride is set in the early 20th century, when explorers were discovering new lands and encountering exotic wildlife.

The Inspiration for Jungle Cruise

Jungle Cruise was inspired by the adventure stories of authors like Jules Verne and Rudyard Kipling. The ride’s creators wanted to capture the excitement and danger of exploring unknown territories. They also wanted to inject some humor into the ride, so they added the skipper’s scripted jokes and puns.

The Time Period of Jungle Cruise

Jungle Cruise is set in the early 1900s, during a time when many parts of the world were still unexplored. This was a time of great curiosity and adventure, when explorers were eager to discover new lands and document exotic wildlife. It was also a time of imperialism, when European powers were expanding their empires by colonizing foreign lands.

The Setting of Jungle Cruise

Jungle Cruise takes place in a fictional river in Africa, Asia, and South America. The ride’s scenes depict various jungle environments, from dense rainforests to arid deserts. Visitors can see animatronic animals like elephants, hippos, and lions, as well as indigenous peoples and their villages.

The Characters of Jungle Cruise

The main character of Jungle Cruise is the skipper, who guides visitors through the ride and provides comedic commentary. The skipper is usually portrayed as a bumbling and incompetent adventurer, which adds to the ride’s humor. Other characters include the animatronic animals and the indigenous peoples depicted in the ride’s scenes.

The Legacy of Jungle Cruise

Jungle Cruise has become a beloved ride in Disney parks, and has inspired numerous spin-off products like toys, video games, and even a feature film. The ride’s popularity is due in part to its unique blend of humor, adventure, and nostalgia. It also reflects a time period when exploration and discovery were highly valued, and when the world seemed full of possibility.

The Future of Jungle Cruise

In 2023, Jungle Cruise will receive a major update in all Disney parks. The ride will be reimagined to be more inclusive and respectful of diverse cultures. Some scenes and characters will be removed or altered to avoid cultural stereotypes. The ride’s storyline will also be updated to include more modern themes and values.

The Importance of Updating Jungle Cruise

Updating Jungle Cruise is an important step in making Disney parks more inclusive and welcoming to all visitors. The ride’s original portrayal of indigenous peoples and their cultures was often stereotypical and insensitive. By updating the ride, Disney can show its commitment to diversity and cultural sensitivity, while still preserving the ride’s sense of adventure and humor.


Jungle Cruise is a beloved ride that has captured the imaginations of visitors for decades. Its unique blend of adventure, humor, and nostalgia has made it a staple of Disney parks around the world. As the ride is updated to be more inclusive and respectful of diverse cultures, it will continue to be a symbol of exploration and discovery for generations to come.

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