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Taylor Swift broke the glass ceiling on 15 March when she joined the elite club of legends like Frank Sinatra, Stevie Wonder, and Paul Simon after winning her third Album of the Year Award at the 63rd annual Grammy Awards. The 11-time Grammy winner broke another record by becoming the first woman to win the honour thrice, this time for her delightfully surprising album Folklore, which wasn’t her only album of 2020 — she had also released the full-length album Evermore. If this isn’t talent, I don’t know what it is.
And yet people still have the audacity to scoff at a ‘Swiftie‘. Swift’s music has been for years dismissed as mere ‘break up songs’, some have even gone to the extent to say she shuffles through men just to get material for her music. No other artist has gone through such scrutiny, although it’s very well understood that art is shaped by life experiences. This has led to slut-shaming Swift as well — which she recently called out.
Hey Ginny & Georgia, 2010 called and it wants its lazy, deeply sexist joke back. How about we stop degrading hard working women by defining this horse shit as FuNnY. Also, @netflix after Miss Americana this outfit doesn’t look cute on you 💔 Happy Women’s History Month I guess pic.twitter.com/2X0jEOXIWp
— Taylor Swift (@taylorswift13) March 1, 2021

Taylor Swift is only 31-years-old but her music has been iconic for so long, from ‘Teardrops on my Guitar’ to ‘My tears ricochet’. An entire English-speaking generation has grown up listening to her. Her music perfectly captures the romantic dilemmas and struggles of women in a certain stage of their lives, yet it has also been the butt of all jokes in pop culture and friend circles. For instance, one Quora thread titled ‘Why do guys get embarrassed when they are caught listening to Taylor Swift?’ demonstrates how ‘fragile masculinity’ has largely led to many feeling ashamed for enjoying ‘girly’ Swift music. Some other questions include ‘I am a guy and I like Taylor Swift, is that weird?’, and the regular ‘do guys listen to Taylor Swift?’. Just liking a critically acclaimed artist’s music is now perceived as an existential question for many men.
Taylor Swift talks to us, about us, as if she’s our best friend. Her music has captured the jitters of first love, the longing for young romance, the pain of break-ups, and the victory over a toxic ex. And that’s what music is precisely supposed to do — speak to us. Anyone who thinks Taylor Swift produces inferior music is the kind of person who’s never allowed to play music in a car with his friends.
In fact, bullying of Taylor Swift and her fans once gave Kanye West the audacity to get on stage during the MTV Video Music Awards 2013 and tell her she wasn’t good enough, that she was undeserving of an award. He also later wrote a song about how it was him, and that incident, that made her famous — not her nine studio albums, 45 million monthly listeners on Spotify, or ability to cross over from being a country-music darling to pop icon. Now, I don’t quite enjoy West’s music myself, but his entitlement didn’t come from any delusion that he harbours; it came from the constant takedown of anything ‘girly’, especially something teenage girls like.
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From the colour pink to ‘chick flicks’, everything that appeals to a woman, even in entertainment, is ridiculed by the self-appointed taste police, usually comprising men who think testosterone-filled noise is tasteful music. Well-written, relatable music doesn’t cut it for them, for they’re willing to hail wife-beating-romanticising music by artists like Eminem as lyrical-genius or whose favourite songs are literally just someone singing about cars and girls but on a new tune.
Listening to Honey Singh and Badshah’s brand of sexist music, sometimes centred on female genitalia, other times glorifying rape, was somehow cool in school and ‘dude bros’ still talk about the music with a hint of nostalgia. Emo rap king Drake has also produced a bunch of below-average problematic lyrics in his ‘revenge music‘ over and over again, most famous being ‘Hotline Bling’ where he’s constantly complaining about a girlfriend who found better things, enjoyed more freedom and got rid of him the moment she got some space from him. But God forbid someone likes ‘Love Story’.
It’s the same with other artists women enjoy too — pop artists like Backstreet Boys, Justin Bieber, One Direction, Selena Gomez, Jonas Brothers, and now Billie Eilish and Dua Lipa are always categorised at the lowest of the lowest rung of the music chain by self-appointed gatekeepers.
Music that women enjoy has been put down in the past too — a popular example being The Beatles. The band rose to popularity in the 1960s because of their female fanbase and their ‘Beatlemania‘. Their fame rose to an iconic level and then was slowly appropriated by men once they were already chartbusters. According to some reports, the band’s music had to eventually evolve to appeal more to men, because the stamp of male approval is necessary if your music is to be taken seriously.
Teenage fangirls and their icons are forever criticised for just existing, while anything male-pleasing puts the taste in tasteful. But fan bases comprising young girls are as loyal as ever, propelling their icons forward to achieve more success in life. It’s time to stop ridiculing the Swifties — you don’t want bad blood with us.
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Some facets of this are not true although the sentiment is quite right. For eg, Lorde is a female artist that is appreciated largely by women and does not face much criticism such as you suggest for groups like Taylor and Backstreet boys because of the complexity of her works which deals with the same topics but with a different outlook which more people can appreciate rather teenage girls. Also for an earlier example, take Avril Lavigne
Moreover I love Taylor Swift and the Grammies also do, an award that has been criticised for pandering by old white men which means her music is appreciated by them
Finally music tastes will always have associations. Radiohead is considered off putting and weird for people who don’t listen to them, Green day a watered down pop band. Its not a bad thing.
Also, Kanye probably has the best album of the 2000 so put some respect on his name
Well same goes for BTS army. just because most of the bts fans are females, so called “critics” bash them whenever they get a chance.
It’s not cause they’re female, it’s because they’re extremely toxic human beings. Obviously not all BTS fans, but most. Kinda like Trump fans, some of them are quite rational, but most….
Considering I’m a guy who enjoys the Taylor Swift and others kinda pop, this article was really relatable…
Exactly! I have read so many comments on Twitter and YouTube “you listen to Taylor Swift… You are gay” “you are 13 year old stupid white girl who listens to Taylor Swift” “Swifties are stupid white teenage girls or gays” but they never say same thing about fans of male artists who writes about their ex gfs, wives, even shaming/insulting mothers… Beating them, R-ping, kidnap-ing mrdering them…. They don’t say stupid teenage boys & lesbos for their fans. Those are just legends according to them…. They enjoy toxic lyrics by males while slut shame & bully women. Btw, People who says what you said is not true are living under rock.
Forget Taylor Swift, let’s talk about Lata Mangeshkar.
Dude chill….. everyone loves Lata mangeshkar …but as of now let’s keep it for Taylor swift who has taken all these backlashes over years whole on the other hand Lata mangeshkar received every recognition and reward that she truly deserved.
Sorry bestie shubhangi misra!!!!! This article is every level absurd! I don’t know if you have guts to read comments. Bcoz that will be so embarassing for you. Damn where do I even start? Let’s start with How Taylor Swift got famous. She was “just relatively unknown country singer who made medium fame mediocre Album once” before vma incident in 2009 which you mentioned as 2013 OK. Kanye West who gone through many personal turmoil was super drunk in fact he came up pop champagne bottle n also he was friend of you-know-who when incident happened. His intention was to show about how award shows are rigged. That was not disrespect even to Taylor Swift level. Still she cried which I won’t just dismiss as stage act even though many people said so. Then only she got spotlight that even Barack Obama weighed in to approve Taylor Swift on off interview. After that she became industry plant which was never organic. Her record label signed Swedish producers such as ‘Max Martin’ n ‘Dr Luke’ who made their career by just keep on recycle “four chords of pop” with different singers sometime with same instruments. Boom now Taylor swift was reborn. Then yeah Kanye West do go overboard with this. But even Taylor Swift acknowledge him as Super talented n inspiration to her. You can watch Kanye West all day BRIT award show performance to see how she was in awe at him. She even tried to do dance which was super wack that no one can appreciate. Kanye West could had choose his words nicely in his famous. But he is still Kanye West we knew. Then came her reputation Album era. She intently released Album on same day Kanye West Mother passed away. Title song video was filled with mock reference of Armed robbery of Kim Kardashian in Paris which was super traumatic to their family. This is How Taylor Swift was manufactured who you think was vulnerable soul
Pig living under rock 🤣
Ummm…taylor swift wasn’t an unknown artist at the 2009 vma, infact im the same age as her and I grew up listening to her music and i remembered clearly how girls loved her music even at that time becoz it was so relatable to our own experiences , so yes, she deserved the award Kanye is just an entitled obnoxious egotistic male, I used to be a fan during that time but after he ridiculed taylor swift who was only 19 at the time I was off the Kanye train (btw i call that bullying)…Even if he thinks she doesn’t deserve it or that the awards were rigged, he doesn’t have to go on stage and demean her artistry, and why wouldn’t she cry she was still young and she was bullied infront of millions of people who were watching the show, and he had the gall to say that he made her “Famous”…That man has such a ginormous ego, He turned the happiness of an artist who achieved success into a nightmare…And yes, he might have psychological issues that is not a viable excuse when he doesn’t even want to get help eventhough his loved ones tried to get him help becoz they cared about him, and how did he reply to that by calling them tyrants and dictators…So no, I don’t feel sorry for him one bit, I hope Karma catches up to him soon…He doesn’t care about the feelings of others and is never considerate of people so why should others care about his own hardships…He is just one big egotistic bully, who thinks he’s right and everyone else is wrong, even Kim.K who constantly stood by him through it all couldn’t take his bullshit anymore…He just hurts people the closer they are to him the more he hurts them…I just cannot find justification for him anymore…
Wow it’s such a delight to get interrupted by a Older artist infront of million of people when you are accepting an award you worked for freaking hard for and was excited to get.. yeah she’s just overreacting and shits… There’s no reason to cry..right? You should laugh at yourself when the whole crowd is making fun of you coz damn someone thought you didn’t deserve the award… Bestie, you don’t know anything about the reputation drama…. He apparently asked for her permission to mention her in his song to clarify his side of that incident since “They were friends”(Taylor literally forgave him after everything and even once presented an award to him and said he had one of the best career of all time) but Taylor was hesitant. So she said she wanted to see the whole lyrics to which he agreed but who knews he was recording the whole call. Then when Taylor complained about the lyrics and the video which he never showed her. He went on to edit the whole call recording to made it look like he did get permission from her for the lyrics which he didn’t. Then she got cancelled for a year and was called a snake by Kim Kardashian (the one who edited the phone call) and her fans. That’s when she disappeared for a year…. She lost all the fake fans in that year… She would have stopped but she didn’t she came back with reputation (Which was on the top in billboard year end chart that year and its tour was the highest grossing tour of all time in US) but apparently people called it a flop XD(jokes on them)
So yeah in 2019 the unedited phone call was leaked and we got to know Kanye was the liar not Taylor…. Thanks a lot and just to clarify Kanye didn’t make her famous… You guys would have known that if you weren’t blind :)))
Now this is an article I had been waiting for so long…can’t thank you enough for writing such an amazing article and yes haters gonna hate hate hate
I love Taylor Swift.She is a great singer and songs writer too.I will never get tired of her songs.
100 % agree with respect to your thoughts about Ms. Swift’s prowess and her dire straits although I will withold by remonstration with respect to your exegisis on Beatles and their maniacs since there can be multiple points of view and this is not a platform to hold a debate on or worse I might be ignorant and it will reflect under the spotlight. 🙂
Too many problems with this article, which im gonn show in points:
1.EMINEM: You dont have to stereotype his music just to prove your Taylor swift point. Its ironic how you defended Taylor’s “breakup” songs by saying she is talking to us, expressing herself…… Eminem had toxic relationship with his wife, he too expressed his feelings. His earlier music showed his rage n his inner wish to beat up his wife, his inner demons…he didnt really beat up his wife- theres difference! He is lyrical genius for the variety of themes he wrote lyrics on, not just because of his few wife beating lyrics.
You really dont have music history knowledge.
Me being a huge beatles fan can enlighten you with certain facts.
First of all, Beatles didnt rise to prominence bcoz of female fan base, yes they had huge female fans but elders and men also loved them equally. Everybody loved Beatles!
They changed their music in late 60s, because they wanted to grow up as an artist (just like Taylor did- from country to pop).
They didnt wann stick to formulaic pop/rock music encouraged by their studio and its money maker executives.
So they started EXPERIMENTING, they made groundbreaking music which infact many people hated (men n women both) but later those experimental albums went to critical reevaluation and became liked by both fans n critics alike.
You are right brother
All i read was “FEMINIST”
All I read in your comment is Toxic Masculinity.
Toxic feminism
Meninazis 🤣
All I see in you is ‘DISAPPOINTMENT’.
I am sure there are people who don’t listen to Taylor swift because her songs are ‘girly’, but it is preposterous to believe that’s the only reason. I find her music not enjoyable and lyrics quite shallow. At the same time, I enjoy 100s of female musicians who produce consistently beautiful music. The article just looks like an attempt to validate author’s insecurities about her choice of art. Please don’t doubt your choices. Music or for that matter any art is a personal choice. I don’t necessarily need to like your choice and vice versa. The author just sounds like a musical elitist whom she is trying to criticize. Art is universal and gender neutral.
I criticize Taylor swift for not being a teen icon, but for producing consistent superficial art which just skims the surface.
Have you listened to her song “”ivy”? Is that what we’re calling superficial now? Your judgement about her without realizing how different the last two albums are is the definition of prejudice
I can’t thank you enough for writing this..
I don’t think you had to ridicule Eminem just to say something nice about TS. Irony lies in your article where you yourself have become the self appointed taste police and judged other people’s music. Eminem’s music is a lot about his daughter and friends too. That being said every artist mentioned is a great artist who has done a lot of hard work (apart from badshah and honey Singh) I don’t think being a writer you have the right to publish such ignorant and partial views.
Seriously ?? First time I am hearing this. I enjoy Taylor’s music and never experienced any sort of criticism from my friends.
Dear author please develop thick skin, people always rant and with ever increasing population it’s only gonna increase more.
What? Why would you ever need anybody’s approval to listen to music? And there’s no way you compared her with Honey Singh and Badshah, who TF are these guys in front of her. And talk about Grammy’s, the fact that they totally forgot The Weeknd this year, I don’t think Grammy’s is a way to legitimise your taste in music. And if you really think that female artists are still considered the “lowest” of the music chain, then it’s wrong. Plus, you don’t talk crap about anybody else’s music to assert your liberty. Everybody has their own interests. You should not care about what anyone says about your likes or dislikes.
I don’t know about the company you keep, Ms. Misra. But if you are in contact with people who believe that Eminem and Badshah are ‘tasteful’ music, dissociate yourself immediately.
Unfortunately, that is no vindication of your own taste in music either. Ms. Swift is much of an artist as Honey Singh. She writes self-centred, narcissistic, inarticulate lyrics which is complemented by very little musical value. It is not ‘girly’, it is symptomatic of the ailments of modern music. Male performers (I shirk the label ‘artist’ deliberately) are usually poorer lyricists, although they seem to have competition in the likes of Cardi B. As much as we seem to be progressing apropos science and technology, we more we seem to be devolving into monkeys who stare into the placid waters all day and pity themselves.
I would suggest that you introspect on what you demand from musicians and music instead of spouting platitudes about freedom of choice. You should be judged as harshly as a fan of Pitbull or Badshah.
Hey Shubhangi…nicely written article!! I am not a hard core fan of any particular sing but yes it’s inappropriate to degrade any singer or group of people who like a particular genre. Infact music, poems, stories and such works of art should never be fitted in any boundary or box across gender, religion and country. Music is music.
jesus christ mate I listen to bonito generation whether my homies like it or not, fuck toxic masculinity. However your taste in music is rather shallow. People dislike Swifties because they get all rabid and hypocritical at times, even Kanye fans are more tolerable and their irritating themselves at junctures. “No artist has gone through such scrutiny”, actually false, Taylor Swift has had a smoother sailing into the world of fame, and came from way less humble backgrounds than a lot of artists who were less fortunate growing up, and other indie artists who still work their ass off to no appeal whatsover. Taylor Swift is a skilled writer and musician, but she is opressed by no means as people usually welcome her music with open hands in the mainstream. She doesn’t produced inferior music at all, but there’s a lot of music that reigns on top over hers, and that’s clear. Especially music you’ve never heard about because your cocooned in your bubble of mainstream music. Then there’s a few more shortcomings evident in your article presented. The Kanye-Swift fiasco unfolded way before 2013, get your facts right. 2009, to be accurate. He was pretty much stoned when he did it, and he is a jerk, but he’s a good musician if you look into critical accounts of his music, in fact from the unbiased perspective of someone who grew up on both artists, Kanye has the more favorable discography, and he produced most of his early work, which is laudable whether you like him or not. I feel like your someone who rationalizes rap music, and denies its power in today’s mainstream, when it has turned into the centerpiece for black representation across the board. And those indian rappers are trash, don’t get me started on those. Backstreet Boys, Justin Bieber, One Direction, Selena Gomez, Jonas Brothers, and now Billie Eilish and Dua Lipa? Are those your personal favorites? These artists aren’t solely hated on because they apparently make music centred for women… Backstreet Boys is very average musically, Justin Bieber is quite mediocre, not to mention his stuff is uninventive and he’s been in the news for the wrong reasons at times. One Direction technically made teen-pop, people disliked that because they listened to more mature music in terms of writing, thats all. Selena Gomez didn’t even start off as an artist, and her singing voice is painfully mediocre. Jonas Brothers made music when they were extremely young, then came in with a chain of more mediocrity years later. Billie Eillish is quite inventive as a mainstream pop act, but she has familial ties in the industry, severing many people’s respect in her. Dua Lipa comes from the same roots, she has a musical backing and fame in the modelling world prior, as some of early work was manufactured, but I love a lot of her music personally as I do with Billie, and I’ve never really seen anyone hate on Dua Lipa post Future Nostalgia. Drake and Eminem are as basic as you could go to find male artists to criticize, and I don’t think either of them are a shell of their old selves as they both fell off musically. But you probably irrationally ignore rap music and it’s poetic brilliance, as I can tell from your form of prose. Taylor Swift is talented, but expand your music taste a little more before you delve into musical literature. I know a bunch of 12 year olds from music reviews sites that can absolutely wash you in terms of music analysis. And look at these comments, they called Folklore and Evermore the best albums ever. Sure, they are stunning, and well-composed, but the best albums ever? I don’t know man. Taylor Swift’s fanbase is ruining her legitimacy as an artist, and this article is another piece in the puzzle of it. Who asked?
Male swiftie here. Good article, but the VMAS incident took place in 2009, not 2013.
Male swiftie here. Good article, but there’s one mistake, the VMAS incident was in 2009, not 2013.
First thing first, maybe some guys may have criticized you listening to girly songs or Taylor Swift, but not everyone. You say we don’t approve women artists. Tf why do we keep Ms Lauryn Hill, Jill Scott, Erykah Badu, etc on top. Because they made songs which are worth listening to. Never said Taylor Swift made bad music but she makes meh music ngl. And I won’t lie her songs aren’t creative it sounds the same. Ok forget about her. What makes you think she’s on top with Frank Sinatra, Stevie Wonder and Paul Simon. Grammys doesn’t define shit about being good. They are totally biased. And yeah Ariana Grande made better albums for the past two years than the one who actually won album of the year. There I said it. Ariana Grande made better album than Billie Eilish last year but was still robbed.
Why do you think girls have a particular taste on songs?? I don’t like any of those you mentioned, especially I don’t like Justin Bieber songs!! I like imagine dragons, and yes they are “noise”!
Many of us like songs from Taylor Swift. Problematizing everything people say does not solve any problems. There is no out out there with a gun hunting down “swifties”. One clever retort is all it takes to fight back.
These are the kinds of articles which lead us astray from solving bigger problems
Many of us like Taylor swift songs. Problematizing everything people say does not solve any problems. No one is out with a gun killing “swifties”. One clever retort is all it takes to shut most people up.
This post is one of the reasons why we have lost sight of the bigger problems in this world
How do these idiotic pieces even get accepted ?
I literally stood up and clapped after reading this article. Miss mishra did such a wonderful job.
Amazing article 👏
The whole article is a joke…shubhangi, it’s better you stick to Swift and think that it’s relatable and significant. LMAO. Good knows where does these fruitcakes come from.
Wow. You are basically proving all the points made by the author. Calling the article a joke and everyone who agrees with it ‘fruitcakes’ just shows how fragile your male ego really is. Misogynists love bashing on female interests just to satisfy their own insecurity. The funny thing is that 75 percent of Taylor’s audience is above the age of 25. Do you really think that lowly of so many mature women’s opinions?
Ms . Writer of this Article , I’d probably will have this written article in gold . I couldn’t agree less with the fact stated here . My male friends literally just pull a weird face even at the mention of her songs , all I want to do is groove to her music just like other artists we do when we catch up . I have nothing much to add on cause you’ve got everything covered up gurl . This spotlight for being Swiftie is Treacherous. But we’ll just shake it off.
Duuuude, I read this comment and my mind went wow this girl is speaking facts and then I see the username and we have the same name, godddd😂😂😂
Good article
You don’t have to ridicule one’s music to praise other’s. I like both Swift’s n Eminem’s music. I guess, Em’s music SPEAKS better for some people.
This was a well articulated piece of writing. I have experienced the same with so many of my male colleagues and my own little brother, for enjoying Swift’s music and lyrical experience. Music is something so personal that sometimes playing one’s playlist seems like getting naked in front of an audience. And yet, they have the audacity to judge you for listening to Hindi Songs from 2010s, to Taylor Swift, to some really great songs by Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber and Dua Lipa. It is just a sad reality and I am glad that someone actually wrote about it. Kudos!
Since when did Grammy awards become the arbiter of good music….majority of pop music is fluff created by rec execs and he godi media to keep the money flowing , not artistic creativity….good female pop became history when Janis joplin died…all the commercial acts like the madonnas n beyonce’s and Taylor swifts can never revive it, and neither can Grammy awards…
Alright I get your point but Kanye did make her famous (人 •͈ᴗ•͈)
Seriously dude? Didn’t you just read the article? When will you toxic males stop taking credit for her success. Infact Taylor made that bitch famous.
I totally agree with you. Every backstreet boys music video’s comment section has at least a dozen guys commenting about them being adult men and still loving BsB but not being able to profess that love in any way except from behind the wall of anonymity that the internet offers. Why? ‘Cause apparently “BaCksTrEeT BoYs iS fOR GiRlS”. And I’m like ‘yeah right, keep thinking that and loose out on good music you dodo.’ 🙄
I love T swizzle and I am unapologetic about that. I don’t care what some random dude thinks… Life is too short to pretend one doesn’t like Taylor Swift
I love her music. I love her you guys. And I hate all the scrutiny she gets. If anyone laughs at me I feel bad for them as they are unable to enjoy such a great music experience.
None of today’s western artists make their own music, they’re just the final packaged product.
Liking or disliking Taylor Swift’s music has got nothing to do with gender, it just means that you have shitty taste in music.
Perhaps, you could “shake it off”.
Taylor does write all her songs and she even co produces it
So you make their music??
Love this article. Wonderfully written, and every word is absolutely true! A much needed article too.
Who are you ???? Why should people be concern what singer you like or not who do u think u r???
this is a good article. a precise one to be accurate. just the date of the infamous kanye west-taylor swift incident at the vmas happened in September, 2009 not, 2013.
I do not think that there is any evidence to suggest that men generally seek to disapprove of women who listen to Taylor Swift’s music. While you may have personally experienced it, which I am not doubting, what makes you believe that it was disapproved because it is ‘girly’? And how exactly do teenaged *Indian* women relate to a millionaire pop icon who has dated numerous celebrities? Even if a small section of socially conservative men disapprove of her music- which is not the same as disapproving women who like her music- it is not because it is merely ‘girly’ and they are sexist. It is possibly because the brand of Feminism that she advocates for in her music, and otherwise, is out of touch with women and men at large. For instance, only 20 per cent of low-income women call themselves ‘Feminists’ in the UK. Moreover, there is a great stake of compelling interest with the elder brother and parents to advise the 14-year-old girl not to approve of a music advocating that dating multiple men outside marriage is not morally incorrect. We do not have an urban liberal elite country filled up with people from California and New York. You seem to have a problem with the social opinions of the majority of Indians who disapprove of a culture that Taylor Swift so champions.
First of all, did she she ever publicly announce or specify the ‘numerous’ men she ‘dated’? NO. The media created this frenzy and false news. Half of them she never even dated, just probably hung out with once or was close friends with, actually. The media made her this psycho faring woman because unfortunately, unlike other artists who have many public issues and problems, she had NONE. Never went to jail, drunk and drove, did drugs, have baffles. So please stop making these false judgements that has dated numerous men. The average male star has dated more than that. Oh, but do we have a problem with that? No!! Lol. And for the last time, if you even listen to her music, only around 20-30% is about love,relationships, etc. It’s about confidence, depression,bullying, friendship, sacrifice, sorrow and so many social issues that are important. But you just need a reason to hate lol.
Ohh my god it’s amazing seriously . Albums like folklore and evermore are the best albums of all time . Storytelling is an art and someone doing that through music is unbelievable . Every song has it’s own story and takes you to a journey. I absolutely adore her and her work . She’s amazing ♥️
She has been famous from a very young age, she has lived a very different life than me. Yet her music and lyrics are relatable. Great Article!!
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