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The sister series to I Am a Killer is arriving on Netflix and Crime + Investigation later this month.
Arriving on Netflix later this month is I Am a Stalker – a new true crime series which dives into the minds of America's most notorious stalkers.
From the producers of I Am a Killer, the series is a co-production between Netflix and UK channel Crime + Investigation, with the miniseries featuring in-depth interviews with eight convicted individuals.
"Roughly 1.4 million people are stalked every year in the US alone," Netflix reveals. "The results of stalking range from the annoying (persistently receiving loads of email or letters) to the intrusive (being secretly watched or followed) to the most severe (kidnapping and/or murder)."
While those across the world will be able to watch this chilling docuseries on Netflix, it's a different story for those in the UK. Read on to find out how to watch I Am a Stalker and what the show is about.
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The upcoming series arrives on Netflix on Friday 28th October, with all episodes arriving on that date globally – except for the UK.
With I Am a Stalker being a co-production between Netflix and A+E Networks UK, the true crime docuseries will be premiering on Crime + Investigation here.
Therefore, British viewers will get to watch the show a week early, with the series making its TV debut on Crime + Investigation at 9pm on Tuesday 18th October.
I Am a Stalker is an upcoming true crime docuseries set to dive into the life and crimes of the most notorious stalkers currently behind bars.
From the producers of I Am a Killer, the upcoming series will feature in-depth interviews with criminals who detail "how love turned into deadly obsession".
"The perpetrators will tell their story from their perspective in a thought-provoking, and emotionally confrontational style that also features first person testimony from their courageous victims who survived these shocking crimes," Crime + Investigation teases.
"The series covers a variety of stalking cases, from disgruntled exes and co-workers infatuated with their colleagues, to virtual strangers."
While we don't know much about the individuals who'll appear in the spin-off series, Netflix and Crime + Investigation have released first-look trailers that you can watch below.
Netflix has released a first-look teaser trailer in which viewers are introduced to the stalkers being profiled. "I wanted the intensity of her feeling watched," one stalker admits in the chilling trailer.
Meanwhile, Crime + Investigation has released a separate clip, taking us into the mind of one particular stalker.
I Am a Stalker arrives on Netflix later this month. Sign up for Netflix from £6.99 a month. Netflix is also available on Sky Glass and Virgin Media Stream.
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