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India boasts of diverse cultures and picturesque geographies. This makes it one of the ideal destinations for adventure sports. The Indian tourism segment was once in its nascent stages but has witnessed an exponential growth over the period of time. 
Over the last decade or so, adventure sports have seen a boom in popularity. With people seeking thrill as an escape from mundane life, action sports have now become accessible more than ever before. Also known as extreme sports, the idea embraces the different sports activities based on land, air, and water that undergo with the combination of splendid adrenaline-based experiences. Bungy jumping, skydiving, scuba diving, surfing, rock climbing, paragliding, etc. fall under this category and are the preferred sports for adventure junkies to satisfy their craving for thrill and excitement. 
The impact of the pandemic on the adventure sports market
The segment witnessed a jolt with the coronavirus outbreak in 2020. The pandemic-induced lockdown and social distancing norms along with sudden halt on international travel and increased safety concerns further posed challenges for the segment. The aviation and hospitality industry being impacted and the border sealing collectively contributed in the drop in the revenues of the segment. The market experienced one of the worst sluggish phases at that time!
The present landscape and future roadmap of adventure sports in India
Two years and three waves later, the market is now making efforts to thrive and revive. As we have entered 2022, the sector is bracing for growth. 
In the present scenario, the tourism industry is driving the growth of the traveling industry. The pandemic-induced lockdown and social distancing norms had forced people to stay indoors. As a result, they were locked away from the joy of the outdoors. Naturally, now that things are easing up, people are keen to undertake travel and the thrill of adventure sports is topping the lists as a therapeutic resort from an otherwise mundane life. This is the reason why industry experts estimate that adventure sports will surge in the times to come.
As per a report by Allied Market Research, the adventure tourism market is valued at $112,227 million in 2020 and is projected to reach the market value of $1,169,095 million by 2028, growing at a CAGR of 20.1% to from 2021 to 2028. The report further states that the Asia Pacific region is one of the emerging markets. It is a great destination for adventure tourism and will emerge to be the hub because of the lush landscapes, sumptuous food, and diverse accommodation facilities that the region offers. 
Furthermore, strategic marketing initiatives undertaken by the industry players coupled with the increase in government policies to promote tourism are sure to drive the adventure tourism market and hence are expected to boost the growth of adventure sports as well. Along with this, the rising popularity of social media and the increase in travel vlogging will also contribute in the segment garnering the interest of the travelers.
Another reason driving the growth of the sector is the fact that adventure sports with their novelty factor organically generate demand for reconnecting with nature. That it lends massive Social media bragging rights helps too!
Sustainable Tourism
Beat Mental Fatigue
There’s nothing half as thrilling as standing at the edge, about to jump with rubber chords tied to your ankles as a harness. It instantly beats piled up mental fatigue by shocking the mind out of its comfort zone and forcing it into the moment. Just you and your fears, amidst glorious landscapes and a racing heart. 
This is the birthing ground for a whole lot of courage!
The bottom line
Adventure sports offer unmatched levels of excitement and a once in a lifetime experience that people truly cherish forever! With the coronavirus, the segment hit the pause button. However, it has now reset and is rearing to go! Experiential travel is the new cool and it’s here to stay. 
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