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Hilary Duff is back as Sophie and once again, love is in the air!
Ted Mosby (played by Josh Radnor and Bob Saget) took a long time retelling his love story to his kids, and it seems like his female successor is headed on a similar path. Sophie (played by Hilary Duff and Kim Cattrall) began sharing the ups and down of her journey to finding her ideal match in How I Met Your Father Season 1. With the renewal of the Hulu spinoff, there are even more romantic encounters and heartbreaks ahead for the main character. After all, if the original series serves as any indication of the number of dates and unsuccessful relationships that will take place until finding "the one", then the only thing to do is sit down and watch on. Given that Season 2's premiere is right around the corner, here is all the information you should know about returning cast members, the release date, and plot details.
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It will be a matter of days until Season 2 drops on the Hulu platform. The second installment will start to stream on January 24th, and it will definitely keep fans busy for a longer time than Season 1. In the same way that the OG series had around 20 episodes in each season, How I Met Your Father Season 2 has doubled the number of episodes this time around. The series will follow a weekly release rollout from the 24th on.
After the announcement that the spinoff was renewed, the cast went back to set on July 2022 for the first table read and went into production mode for the following months. Now that production has wrapped, fans of the series will finally get to know what happens next for Sophie and her friend group.
Welcome to the 30s! According to the official trailer, Sophie and her roommate/best friend Valentina (Francia Raissa) are ready to venture even more into the complications of modern dating. "We all want to find the love of our life, but the world is not that simple anymore". It seems like Valentina has decided to somewhat end things with Charlie (Tom Ainsley), while Sophie connects with an older love interest (played by John Corbett). Although Sophie has apparently moved on from Jesse (Chris Lowell), their undeniable chemistry is still strong. After all, she even says that they "work well together". In addition to all the relationship drama ahead, the trailer reveals that singer Meghan Trainor will make a guest appearance this season, and it seems like she is playing a woman that is about to have a baby.
Although the plot hasn't been laid out in detail, there is a lot to address in Season 2 from what happened in the Season 1 finale. When Jesse told Sophie that he loved her, she ended up ruining their relationship because she didn't feel ready to commit to him. Despite her attempt to turn things around, he went back to his ex, and it seems like they are still going strong according to the trailer. That means that Sophie has room to look for another partner, which is why she starts dating someone else in Season 2. As previously mentioned, Valentina and Charlie broke up, but it doesn't seem like a definitive decision. Their physical connection draws them to each other repeatedly. Ellen (Tien Tran) went on a date and got a new job by the end of Season 1, so it will be interesting to see what has happened since then. As for Sid (Suraj Sharma), he revealed to his friends in the finale that he married Hannah (Ashley Reyes), so it is probable that this couple will have further time on screen in the new episodes. Through and through, it is safe to say that on-and-off relationships will be the focus of this season and the characters will definitely be in for a ride.
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You can calm down because the trailer and first-look images that came out of Season 2 reassure fans that everyone from the main ensemble will be back. That means that you can for sure expect Sophie, Valentina, Charlie, Ellen, and Sid to meet up at the bar in the upcoming episodes. We can also expect Josh Peck to return to his role as Drew since Peck shared a post on his Instagram account alongside Duff and referenced the series' release date in the caption. In addition to these characters, there will be other familiar faces involved in Season 2.
Mark Consuelos revealed that he will be joining the series in an Instagram post, hinting that he may or may not play someone's father. In the trailer, the Riverdale actor is joined by Constance Marie, whose previous TV credit was her role in the ABC drama Switched Birth. Another name that has also been confirmed in the sitcom is John Corbett. He will join the cast as Sophie's latest romantic interest. The actor had already worked with Duff before in the 2004 film Raise Your Voice.
How I Met Your Father Season 2 will also welcome Love, Victor's lead Michael Cimino to its cast. The announcement was made via Instagram in October 2022, alongside an image of him on set.
Lastly, the Season 2 trailer confirmed that Grammy-winning pop star Meghan Trainor will join the ensemble as well for a guest appearance.
In the Season 1 finale, fans of How I Met Your Mother were surprised to see Cobie Smulders returning to the screen as Robin. This means that it isn't unlikely for the show to bring back other actors from the OG series. In a recent interview with Newsweek, Josh Radnor shared that he has exchanged emails with Duff about HIMYF and said that the actress would love to have him on, so he wouldn't be opposed to a future invitation.
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