Harris Jayaraj concert videos become new vibe material! – Movie Crow

Harris Jayaraj concert videos become new vibe material!

That the Tamil music aficionados have been missing Harris Jayaraj in the current scene is no secret, but they recently got something to rejoice. The well-known music composer held a live concert called Hearts of Harris in Malaysia recently and the Tamil community in Malaysia was seen in full attendance at this show. Videos from the concert has been crowding the online platforms giving major FOMO to Harris’ fans back home. [Harris has since assured his fans in Chennai, Tamil Nadu that there will be a concert in the city in April of this this year]. 

Hi Kuala Lumpur. Thanks for your overwhelming response, Love and respect for me and our show “Hearts of Harris”. Shortly there will be an announcement for my 36,000 fans who couldn’t get the tickets.
Keep yourself free for April
The energy and enthusiasm of the Malaysian crowd can be felt through these viral Harris Jayaraj concert videos, and they have become new vibe material for the Indian fan-base. The concert videos feature Harris Jayaraj performing some of his most popular songs accompanied by a live band and dancers. The videos have been shared and viewed by thousands of people on social media, making them an instant hit.
I didn’t know a Harris Jayaraj concert was needed in my life till today 😍 What a lit night. Started off with Uyirin Uyire 🔥and ended with a bang with Manja Veyil ❤️‍🔥Definitely the best 😍

Ps the backdrop was a heart made from the screens😍 pic.twitter.com/4TP0w30skZ
Ayooooo vizhi moodi song is an emotion dhaan, ultimate pantinga Malaysia makkale😍.. forever grateful to harris jayaraj & @singer_karthik ❤️❤️ pic.twitter.com/RFTH0F2vIN
Totalllll fireuuuuu
Harrish Jayaraj live in Malaysia, Thuppakki BGM, The crowds go crazy ! 🔥🔥🔥 @actorvijay pic.twitter.com/RlqKiAW5xu
Tik tok la eduthatu pic.twitter.com/JDrqmBgtxI
Yowww harris .. nee ine olunga paatu podlana kooda paravala … idhu pola concert adikadi chennai la podu yaa.. 💔💔💔
Ava Enna song just made the whole crowd go crazy 😍🔥🥹 #HeartsOfHarris #HarrisJayaraj pic.twitter.com/CEyeXTDEkN
Krish 😭❤️

#HarrisJayaraj pic.twitter.com/cTxqIXxcb2
#HarrisJayaraj concert was just [email protected] pic.twitter.com/U3Vj4cah6k
Harris neyy🥹🥹❤️❤️ https://t.co/CWNsnOowzx
Kanvizhithu Soppanam Kandaen
Unnalae Kanvizhithu Soppanam Kandaen 🥹🫠 @Srnishajayase2 @Jharrisjayaraj

Harris Jayaraj concert was lit 🔥 #HarrisJayaraj #suttrumvizhi pic.twitter.com/XDMTt7s6Km
Vizhi moodi Yosithal Song 🔥🔥🔥💥😍🥺Vibe Vibe……… 🙏

What a Response 🔥#HarrisJayaraj pic.twitter.com/ecLDyOypds
one of the best concert I’ve ever been 😭🔥🛐❤️

Harris Jayaraj supremacy 🔥 pic.twitter.com/VuSKLDxsYd
Benny Dayal and Andrea ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ pic.twitter.com/bvJxfcwviD
Harris Jayaraj. @Jharrisjayaraj

What a decade of amazing songs you’ve given us.

What a concert. What a song. What a moment. pic.twitter.com/IqpuEAZJWw
Crowd Chanting Harris Harris before that Omagazeeyaa!

Cant wait for #Chennai Concert !

Thalaivaa @jharrisjayaraj pic.twitter.com/zDkXcpnIMF
Uyirin Uyire as the first one 😍🙌🏻

Hearts of Harris – a cherished night 💛

kindly ignore all the bg noises 😅#HarrisJayaraj #HarrisJayarajConcert pic.twitter.com/e5HFXq06JL
I went to the concert, I took videos, I uploaded those but I still pause and watch each and everyone else uploaded videos from concert as tho listening for the 1st time. Man just can’t over the night, and it was soo soo f good and special😭❤️💕❤️😭

Fuckin worthyyyy HJ CONCERT❤️


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