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Let’s take a look at some of the unique and adorable aspects of Beomgyu.
Beomgyu is the fifth member and last introduced from the new boy group TOMORROW X TOGETHER under the agency Big Hit Entertainment. He was introduced in a teaser video on YouTube entitled Introductory Film ‘What Do You Do?’ released on January 20, 2019 with his following teaser photos released on different social media platforms. His 2nd video entitled ‘Questioning Film – What Do You See?’ showed that his animal symbol is butterfly, with the morse code HOPE and the new symbols.
Plays the guitar 
Every MOA is aware that Beomgyu loves playing guitar as he takes the opportunity to serenade his fans at any VLive or Instagram Live. He began learning basic chords from his dad and constantly learns new songs to show off to his members and fans. Being the middle member (age wise), he does his best to always pick up the mood and one of the ways he does that is through his guitar skills. 
He loves himself 
Lot of idols are known to love themselves but Beomgyu always takes it to the next level with the constant praises and basically falling in love with himself all the time but how do we blame him, when one has such visuals, it’s hard not to praise every picture and look of oneself. 
A walking meme 
The MOAs know him as a walking meme for his funny antics and loud personality. In variety show appearances, VLives or any other behind-the-scenes content, one can see Beomgyu as the troublemaker of the group, causing nuisance for his members at any given point like exaggerating their actions or copying them- he does it all. These little interactions show how young he really is and it’s endearing to watch him grow up. 
His Daegu satoori (accent) 
Being born and brought up in Daegu, he has a thick satoori that shows up whenever he is scared or angry. He is well known for his deep voice that comes along when he speaks in that accent, leaving the fans swooning over him! 
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