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As the teaser trailer goes viral with impressive VFX, comparable to Adipurush, how big is the budget for the upcoming HanuMan movie?
The Indian cinema industry has experienced an incredible rise into the mainstream in recent years.
In particular, the period since the global coronavirus pandemic has also seen an impressive increase in theatrical movie budgets, with Bollywood productions now rivaling some of the biggest Western films of the year.
However, you don’t need a bank-breaking budget to impress fans, as the teaser trailer for the upcoming HanuMan movie has just proved.
VFX of Hanuman Movie are 100x better than Adipurush! pic.twitter.com/EykM1r09c4
On November 21, the Prime Show Entertainment YouTube channel uploaded the first official teaser trailer for the upcoming feature movie, HanuMan.
Almost immediately, the teaser trailer went viral, and less than 24 hours later on November 22, the trailer has been viewed more than 8.5 million times with over 230,000 likes.
The top comments include, “Goosebumps last Hanuman ji scene is just toooo good”, “This is Real Indian Cinema”, “Huge goosebumps!”, and “Last scene feels like Hanuman must be somewhere on Earth and Chanting the name of lord Ram exactly like this!”
Amazing visuals, extraordinary BGM and music..I expect Prasanth varma did this movie in very low budget but the output is larger than life movies… Telugu industry needs such movies..Best of luck to entire crew and eagerly waiting to watch on BIG screens!!” – Fan comment, via YouTube.
According to a report by Tamil ABP Live, the upcoming HanuMan movie has been made on a budget of only Rs 12 Crore.
For international fans, that’s less than $1.5 million or £1.2 million; a remarkably small budget/achievement for a film with impressive VFX visual effects.
In fact, the quality of HanuMan’s VFX has drawn comparisons to the upcoming Adipurush movie; which was made on an enormous budget of Rs 450 Crore – that’s $55 million, or £46 million approximately.
“The film is made in Telugu and is being dubbed and released in other languages. It is said that the movie Hanuman will attract the fans many times more than the response received among the fans of the movie ‘Aadipurush’, which was adapted from the story of Ramayana starring Prabhas and Keerthy Sanon. It is noteworthy that the film has been shot at a cost of 12 crore rupees.” – Tamil ABP Live.
The reason why these two films are being compared is because of the similarities in storylines and interestingly, the VFX; with Adipurush being heavily criticized for its poor visual effects; the film has also been delayed – see here for more information.
HanuMan is set to premiere in 2022, although a specific release date has not yet been shared.
The good news is that it has already been reported that HanuMan will be released in the original Telugu, with dubbed options for Tamil, Hindi, Malayalam, and Kannada alongside.
Eenadu has also reported that the post-release OTT streaming rights, both satellite and digital, have been acquired by the ZEE5 Network. Ironically, the report claims that the rights were sold for Rs 16 Crore – more than the film’s original budget!
VFX in Hanuman is far better than the high-budget Adipurush. pic.twitter.com/qL4QTqrhUN
By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]
In other news, HanuMan’s tiny movie budget explained as VFX wows fans in viral trailer


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