Getting to know Chaos, the Power of Magic in the Witcher’s Story


Just premiering on the Netflix streaming channel, The Witcher Season 2 has introduced a lot of interesting things from its universe called Continent. In addition to the Witchers, it turns out that there are many groups that are “different” from ordinary humans, one of which is the Witch. On the Continent, Witches were both hated and respected for their Chaos magic power. Because when they borrowed power from Chaos, you could say almost nothing could stop them, including the Witcher.

Chaos itself was first revealed when The Witcher Season 1 saw the magic academy Aretuza, where Yennefer trains and takes the test to become a great wizard. Then the ferocity of Chaos magic itself is shown in The Witcher Season 1 Episode 8 entitled “Much More”, it is told that Yennefer accesses Chaos to attract enormous fire magic to scorch hundreds of Nilfgaardian troops. What exactly is this Chaos magic, and how powerful is it? Check out the discussion below, geeks.

The Source of Magicians’ Power
Basically, magic plays an important role in The Witcher universe . It wasn’t just humans who called themselves mages who could use it, there were many other creatures who were good at using magic, among them priests, elves, wild hunts, and several other magical creatures. Although creatures that can use magic are very diverse, they all have one thing in common, namely using Chaos as a source of magical power. And usually those who can access this Chaos are born special with abilities that can withstand great power.

Chaos, or what is often referred to as Force, Power, or Primordial Chaos, is the main source of magical power that is very dangerous and destructive. If this power falls into the wrong hands, then only destruction will be brought by that person. That’s why many normal humans hate witches, because not many people who can access Chaos can use them for good. Some magicians even describe it as a curse that can damage the soul of the user.

In several other stories it is also told that creatures who can access Chaos, will be very sensitive to its power, some of which even go crazy because they are not able to master it. Therefore, on the Continent there are many magic academies to practice mastery of Chaos, one of which is the Aretuza Magic Academy. In the magic academy, aspiring mages who have tasted the power of Chaos will be trained to master it and are sworn to always be neutral in using its power. This is so that Chaos magic is not misused by irresponsible people.

In The Witcher ‘s first novel entitled Blood of Elves by Andrzej Sapkowski, which was released in 1994, it is told that this Chaos-based magic can usually be cast in various elements and functions. Generally the most powerful and most accessible magics are Wind, Fire, Earth, and Water magic, which can only be accessed in a magical location called “Intersection”. Then from the four elements, magic can also be further divided according to its function, the first is element control, and the second is reading elements.

Various Magics Originating in Chaos
From Chaos, generally one can only master and cast one elemental magic, among Fire, Water, Earth, and Wind. However, there were also rare cases where one could master more than one element through extreme training. Even some of these people can even combine two elements that can produce the fifth element, namely Ether. Because it is considered too difficult and violates the rules of Chaos, many magic academies consider mastering more than one element a taboo and should be prohibited.

From the five basic elements, Chaos magic can be further divided according to its function. The first is the kinesis energy function which allows the user to manipulate the elements, and the second is the mancy which allows the user to communicate or read the elements. For more details, see the Chaos magic power branch below:

Wind Release : Wind magic is divided into two functions. The first is Aerokinesis, where the user uses this magic to summon storms, negate oxygen, and so on. The second is Aeromancy, where the user can read the movement of the wind to find out where the enemy is, convey messages to other magicians, and so on.

Fire Element : Functionally, fire magic is divided into two. The first is Pyrokinesis, where the user uses this magic to release fire from his hands, burn objects from a distance, and so on. The second is Pyromancy, where users can read fire to predict someone’s fate, know the future, and so on.
Earth Element : The function of earth magic is divided into two. The first is Geokinesis, where the user uses this magic to cause earthquakes, split rocks, throw earth as projectiles and so on. The second is Geomancy, where users can read ground movements to find out the past of a location, and so on.

Water Release : Water magic functions are divided into two. The first is Hydrokinesis, where the user uses this magic to remove water from his hands, splitting water, and so on. The second is Hydromancy, where users can read water to find out the flow of a person’s life, know the past by looking at water, and so on.
Element Ether (Mind) : The function of mind magic is divided into three. The first is Telekinesis or Psychokinesis, where the user uses this magic to move objects from a distance, and so on. The second is Telepathy, where the user can read a person’s mind and even share emotions, but if this magic fails then the user’s nose will bleed. The third is Telepathy, where users can communicate with each other without speaking, convince someone to carry out their orders, and so on.

Actually, besides the five main magics, there are also forbidden magic that can be issued from Chaos, namely Goetia and Necromancy. Geotia is a magic ability to summon monsters or open portals to other dimensions, while Necromancy is a magic that allows the user to revive the dead or summon an army of skulls.

In addition to special creatures such as wizards, actually a Witcher can also access Chaos, but at the lowest level. Interestingly, even though only accessing the lowest level of Chaos, a Witcher is able to master all five at once, where the magic is called Sign as we discussed earlier in The Witcher: 5 Combat Gear of Geralt of Rivia! . That’s the discussion about Chaos, the source of magic in The Witcher universe. Of all the elements that can be taken from Chaos, which do you think is the greatest, geeks?

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